Saturday, February 27, 2010

Updated Cafe World Coin Cheat Using Charles 3.5.1 Tool

Been looking for a new cafe world coin cheats? Yes, there's a new or updated cafe world coin cheats with the help of Charles 3.5.1 tool. It's a bit complicated than the Cheat Engine, however, if you still insist of getting those extra coins fast, then continue reading this post.

Just a brief information about Charles 3.5.1 tool. It is an Http proxy, monitor and a reverse proxy that helps developer to view all of the Http and SSL, Https traffic between their machine and the Internet. With this tool, your web browser is then configured to access the internet and is then able to record and display for you all of the data that is sent and received.

Cafe World Cheats Using Charles 3.5.1 Tool


1. Charles 3.5.1 - If you don't have this tool yet Download it here.
2. Flash 10
3. Java for Charles Tool to work

Let me tell you that you need Drinks gifts for this coin cheat to work since you will be using it to acquire coins. If incase you don't have Drinks gifts in your inventory, you can create or use a different account and send yourself a Free Gifts (any drinks will do).

Please follow the instruction carefully or it will not work.


1) Open charles. Make sure it loads finish.
2) Go into Cafe World [click to play]
3) You should see this line in Charles. “” (it may be client-0 or client-2)
4) Expand it> expand amfphp
5) You will see “gateway.php(YoCafeRemote.initialize)”
(if you do not see this, you did not follow the steps! close everything and start from step 1)
6) Right click this gateway.php and select Breakpoints
7) Immediately go to Cafe World, Click Use Gifts, Click Serve on any of the drinks. Has to be DRINKS or any of the INSTANT serve gifts.
A breakpoint tab will appear on Charles
9) Click it, click AMF.
10) Expand the [4] and you will see ‘customers’ with a value
11) Change that value to ‘1000000′
12) Click Execute
13) Another breakpoint tab will appear.
14) Click back to your Session tab, and right click that gateway.php that your added a Breakpoint to earlier.
15) Now, select breakpoints again to remove it.
16) Click on the breakpoint tab, and click execute.
17) Check your Cafe World now, you should have a few millions coins.

If you have problem following the steps above, watch the video below for proper instruction.

Happy Cooking!!!

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