Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Treasure Isle Tips For Beginners

Let me share some Treasure Isle Tips on how to get started with the game. First you need to have a Facebook account to start with so you can access the Treasure Isle game application of Zynga.

After installing the game, set yourself by choosing your gender. To start you have a full energy to use, 300 coins and 5 island cash to spend. The objective of the game is to search for rare items or artifacts in different islands. It's not that easy because you need to keep your energy high so you can dig for more valuable items.

The moment your energy bar turns to zero, you need to replenish it by asking from your friends to send you some fruits or energy pack. Fruits serves as your food and that gives you additional energy to dig more plots. In your home island, you can also plant fruits for you to use. If ever you don't have enough fruits to use to replenish your energy, you can visit your friends island to do some tasks while waiting for your energy bar to be fully charge again.

The first island that you are going to explore is the Aloha Island where you need to find five crown jewels. Once you have completed the quest for the crown jewels set, you can trade in the treasures for a prize. However, it's not the end of the Aloha Island adventure, you still need to dig for some rewards like extra gold coins, fruits and experience points. The digging is over when you dig all the areas in the island.

Your next stop would be the Sunny Shores. You need to dig for the Tiki statues. There are some instances that you cannot complete the artifacts. You may need some help from your friends to get those items by gift sending.

Next island is the Palm Paradise. On this island, you need to look for the five treasure remnants, five royal garb and five famous diamonds. There are some instances that some of the rare items cannot be found on this island.

On Gem Gate Isle, you can continue searching for the remaining royal garb. You can also find some Koa Wood Statues and some famous diamonds on this island.

The search for royal garb continues in Tiki Atoll island. You may found some puka shells and some famous diamonds to add to your collections.

At Peaceful Bay Island you may find some Hula Outfit, historical sculptures and some puka shells.

Other islands are locked and can only be unlocked once you level up. So, if your energy bar gets zero, visit your friends island to earn some coins and additional experience points. Once you level up, your energy bar will be fully charge and you can start digging for those treasures.

This is just a partial Treasure Isle Tips, I will be adding more Treasure isle tips on my next update. Just visit this blog regularly for more treasure isle tips.

Happy treasure hunting!!!