Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My EON cyber account

Got my Union Bank EON card yesterday. I was informed through email that my EON card would be ready for pick up after 3 business days, so, yesterday morning after my shift, I went to Julia Vargas Branch to pick it up. I just paid Php350.00 for the annual fee.

EON is a cyber account and is the first cyber account in the country. It's a 3 in 1 card, a savings account, a checking account and a debit card. It allows you to do all your banking trasactions just a click of the mouse.
Unlike ATM's, with EON, there's no minimum balance to maintain. It can earn higher interest than regular savings accounts. Also, you can pay bills at your time whenever you are. With your own time and from your home, you can even pay your credit cards, insurance and other utility bills . These are some of its features and I'm looking forward to whatever it has to offer.

How to get loans for your business

Ever since I told my self that I’ll not remain an employee the rest of my life. I want to start my own business. Manage it and see how it grows. However, starting it is not that easy since you have lots of things to consider. You need to plan for it. Need to identify what type of business you want to establish. Is it a long-term or just a short term business? You need to identify as well who will be your market, the location of your business and above all, do you have enough capital to start it with?

You may have all the ideas but the most common problems most people encounter when somebody wants to have their own business is the big C or the starting Capital. They may have the money but it’s not enough for them to pursue their plans and that is my problem too.

I was once informed that it is not a problem because there’s a particular organization that lends money for small time entrepreneur. Well, most business owner opted for Loans for them to have additional working capital. Micro loans for instance are small loans for start up or newly established small businesses. However, a micro loan may require some type of collateral and personal guarantee of the business owner. Also, owners should fulfill training and business planning as part of the requirements before the application is accepted. Compared to the traditional bank loans , micro loans are more relatively easy to obtain.

Well, as much as possible I don’t want to have loans since it’s a kind of debt. However, on the second thought, if it would be the way for me to start up my own business then I’ll need to take the chance and risk rather than working all my life as an employee where I don’t have any assurance as to when am I needed by the company.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Golden Compass

Yesterday was my rest day so my friend and I decided to watch a movie. We've watched THE GOLDEN COMPASS starred by Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. It's an action-adventure and science fiction-fantasy movie.

The Golden Compass is an adventure of a 12 year old orphan girl named Lyra (Daniel Blue Richards). The story happens in a world where people's souls are manifested outside of their bodies in creatures they called daemons. At first, I thought that it was just their pets but if their animal spirits gets hurt they get hurt too. These talking daemons acts as guardian angels and a soul brother that accompany them through out their lives.

Lyra is an orphan and is educated at the prestigious Jordan College. Her uncle Lord Asriel portrayed by Daniel Craig (barely seen in the movie) is a scientist/researcher who challenged the oppressive authority of the Magisterium with his pursuit about the dust. The dust is a mysterious golden substance that Lord Asriel would like to prove to the oppressive authority that my lead to open the doors to parallel universe. Evidence of dust was found in the Arctic Circle and Lord Asriel's plan of going there for further exploration excites Lyra's imagination to go with his uncle but Lord Asriel refuses her to go along the journey.

However, Lyra ends up on a different quest when Mrs. Coulter portrayed by Nicole Kidman, a powerful advocate for an evil organization bent on bringing dark times to the universe tried to corrupt Lyra for some undisclosed motives. She's interested for the compass that was secretly entrusted to Lyra. The device allows her to know the truth about things and that sent her to rescue her friend who was taken by the “gobblers” for an experiment that was led by Mrs. Coulter.

What I can say about the story? Well, in terms of visual effects employed to the creatures from a talking daemons and polar bear that interacts with human is exceptional. But with the story itself it wasn't definitely expressed the significance of the dust and some fascinating ideas that would satisfy the older viewers but for kids somehow the flying witches, talking daemons and the armored polar bear would be appealing to them.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I signed up for PayPerPost

Well, there's a lot of money making programs over the Internet and one of those is payperpost. I've read about it and was able to see a lot of difference with other paid post program. It has lots of opportunities to offer compared to others. All you need is to allocate some of your time to post something about their job offer.

Signing up is so easy and is absolutely free. However, you should wait for the approval of your blog before you could post and once approved you can now make your first blog posting through your list of opportunities and once your post was approved PPP will pay you for your effort. They have their referral program as well that would add up to your earnings if somebody sign up through your referral badge. If that person submitted his first post and get approved then you'll also received a payment. You can earn as well if somebody reviewed your post.

Honestly, It is my boyfriend who encourage me to try PayPerPost and after reading some informations about this program, it made me decide to sign up and be a part of PayPerPost family. It's not only a matter or earning money but gaining some knowledge from other bloggers and meeting some friends as well why I joined this program, payperpost.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Optical Illusion: Let your suitors count the dots

Can you count how may dot's are there?

blog and earn money online

Who doesn’t want to earn those dollars? I think everybody does want it. Every blogs that I’ve visited, most are into making money. You can find ads here and there and with sponsored post, referral tags and links. However, not all blog owners earned a lot from having a blog and that depends on the popularity of their site and of course it depends on the content of their blog .

My boyfriend is also earning out of blogging. He’s not into PPP or whatever sponsored post or review post. He earns through PPC or Pay Per Click ads from Google Adsense.

He keeps on telling me that earning through blogging is not for everybody. There are two types of blogger, first is you blog because that is your passion, you love blogging even if you are not earning. And when this type of blogger discovered that they could earn that is just an additional spice for them as a blogger that would make them more eager to blog. They learn the techniques,put some ads on their blog and still continue to blog even if they earn a little. While the second type of blogger is just blogging because they found out that they could earn out of blogging. Even if it's not their passion to blog, they blog and when they found out that it's not that easy to earn money they would stop blogging.

However, there are those types of people who wants to earn money online and have tried blogging even if it's not their passion but later discovered that blogging is fun most especially if you'll be able to enhance your writing skills, you have gained friends, and if you start earning. Your desire to write good articles is there so you could drive more readers to your blog and that means more traffic and more clicks.

There are a lot of ways to earn money online but the key to success is your passion of whatever you are doing and this isn't apply for blogging but in all endeavor that you'll going to part take.

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Template for my Blog

I've been planning to change the looks of my Recipe Hotline Blog but due to my busy schedules (Naks!!! Feeling executive!!! hehehehe) I can't find the time to tweak it.

Last night was my restday and I've decided to do the tweaking. I've search for a good template that would somehow match the subjects on my Recipe Blog. This is how my Recipe Blog looks like before:

And now, I'm happy that I was able to modify my Recipe Blog and It's more cozy now compared to my old template above. Here's the new template for my Recipe Hotline Blog.

If you want to change your blogs template and layout you can find lot's of free blogger templates here.