Saturday, December 8, 2007

I signed up for PayPerPost

Well, there's a lot of money making programs over the Internet and one of those is payperpost. I've read about it and was able to see a lot of difference with other paid post program. It has lots of opportunities to offer compared to others. All you need is to allocate some of your time to post something about their job offer.

Signing up is so easy and is absolutely free. However, you should wait for the approval of your blog before you could post and once approved you can now make your first blog posting through your list of opportunities and once your post was approved PPP will pay you for your effort. They have their referral program as well that would add up to your earnings if somebody sign up through your referral badge. If that person submitted his first post and get approved then you'll also received a payment. You can earn as well if somebody reviewed your post.

Honestly, It is my boyfriend who encourage me to try PayPerPost and after reading some informations about this program, it made me decide to sign up and be a part of PayPerPost family. It's not only a matter or earning money but gaining some knowledge from other bloggers and meeting some friends as well why I joined this program, payperpost.