Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Social City Cheats

Cheats becomes the trend in every game, may it be a Facebook application game or a gadget game. The essential tool for them to modify the game is the Cheat Engine tool.

Social City is the new addictive game now in Facebook. It's just new and usually players experience some glitch in the game.

In Social City, most of the players wanted to build a good city, however, funds may not be enough for them to buy those expensive buildings and leisure. Others don't want to spend some real money to purchase city bucks for them to have those residential buildings and leisure. Their last option is to look for Social City Cheats.

Social City Cheat allows you to get those buildings without buying it. You just need to use and follow some Social City Cheats procedure for you to avail those items.

With Social City cheats, you can double your coins and city bucks without spending real money from your pocket. Again, you just need to follow some social city cheats guide for you to be able to do this.

Unfortunately as of this posting, cheaters are still trying to figure out how to manipulate the game. So, there's no available Social City cheats yet. Even in YouTube there's no Social City Cheats posted yet.

Just recently playdom updated the Social City game and fixes some bugs and errors that player have been experiencing lately. Added some improvements like loading time, new contracts, new animations on leisure buildings and more.

If you want to know more about Social City Cheats, just visit this blog regularly as I am going to post it here soon.


Dave said...

So... where are the cheats?