Friday, July 30, 2010

Ninja Saga Latest Token Cheat As Of May 2010

I have found this video about the latest ninja saga token cheat. This ninja saga token cheat is as of May 2010. All you need for you to perform this ninja saga token cheat is a cheat engine 5.6 tool.

I just want to remind those who wants to try this latest ninja saga token cheat that at anytime this will not work. We all know that glitches like this is being patched by the developer. However, trying this out will not lose you anything. If this ninja saga token cheat works, then that's great, but, if it doesn't work then at least you have tried than nothing at all.

I did gave an effort to transcribe every actions here for you to follow easily. If you are having a hard time following the written procedures, then you may watch the video attentively so you can follow it and make it work.

Latest Ninja Saga Token Cheat Procedure based on the video tutorial below.

1. Make sure you have the cheat engine 5.6 tool.
2. Open your cheat engine tool and open the computer icon on the upper left of the tool.
3. Choose the browser you are using, example: Firefox or chrome
4. Open your ninja saga account and go to headquarters.
5. Copy the amount of token that you have and paste it in your cheat engine tool hex box and hit first scan.
6. Copy the same token amount in the token exchange box (don't click the exchange box yet), put the same amount in your cheat engine hex box then click new scan.
7. Go back to your ninja saga account, then replace the amount of token to 14 in the token exchange box, again, do not hit the exchange button.
8. In your cheat engine tool, place number 14 in the hex box and hit next scan.
9. Go back to your ninja saga account, change number 14 to 1 but never hit the exchange button.
10. Check your cheat engine and you will see in the address bar the changes in value from 14 to 1.
11. Click the address in the address bar, notice the bottom part of the cheat engine after hitting the address.
12. Click the frozen box to freeze and click the value and change it to your desired amount. Maximum is 999,999,999.
13. Go back to your ninja saga account, exchange 1 token to gold and viola! You will get enough token and gold.

Ninja Saga Token Hack Video Tutorial