Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Text Messages

Missing someone this Christmas? Send him/her a message to let them know they are not forgotten. Here's a collection of Christmas Text Messages that you can use to express your thoughts with your friends and relatives.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fishville Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Have you been playing the latest game of Zynga which is the Fishville game? If not, you better try this game and for sure you will get hooked with this same with other Zynga games.

I would like to share some Fishville Tips and Tricks so you will get some strategy on how to dominate your game in Fishville.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cafe World Cheats | Cafe World Strategies and Tips

If you're a Facebook user, you would know Cafe World. It's a game application in Facebook being played by most Facebook users. Cafe World Cheats are some tricks being used by some players to level up fast, to get some extra items fast without spending money and to get some extra money as well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

PBB Double Up Premier Telecast Videos

Last night was the premier telecast of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up edition. The most awaited program of ABS-CBN and Endemol. Big Brother reveals the meaning of "Double Up" and other secrets that makes this season different from previous PBB editions. For those who haven't watch the premier edition of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up last night, here are some video clips for you to catch up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Pinoy Fear Factor Winner is...

I've been expecting that Manuel Chua will top the reality show Pinoy Fear Factor and will bag the 2 Million Pesos, however the luck turned it's back when Manuel got eliminated. Ever since my bet is Super Manuel because he's the best among them all. Indeed, Pinoy Fear Factor is a game of luck, Super Manuel might be lucky on his previous challenges but this time he didn't make it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Showbiz News Ngayon Rocks or Sucks?

Boy and Kris pictureI should have posted this last Tuesday but I run out of time so here's my post about Showbiz News Ngayon.

Showbiz News Ngayon just aired last Monday night for their first episode in primetime. I am expecting so much about this show since they are bragging that SNN has a different style from other entertainment shows that would captivate the interest of the viewers. Honestly speaking, it's a big disappointment watching Showbiz News Ngayon, nothing is new with the style and gimmick of the show. I hate to say this but there's no difference watching "The Buzz" every Sunday . SNN or Showbiz News Ngayon doesn't fit the primetime slot.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

May Bukas Pa No.1 sa Primetime Bida

Zaijan Jaranilla PhotoHere's another soap opera from ABS-CBN that I'm beginning to love. A television series on hope and faith starred by a seven year old new child actor Zaijan Jaranilla. This is the first big role of Zaijan Jaranilla who recently played "Tony" on ABS-CBN's "Komiks Presents: Mars Ravelo's Tiny Tony." He's also seen in Goin' Bulilit.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Globe Reward A Scam?

Last night, I received a text advisory from Globe informing me that I have been rewarded with xx Free load for accumulating at least P20 reloads from December 1 to December 31 of last year. So I checked my balance just to make sure that I have received it, "Uyy!! meron nga". Well, ofcourse I'm thankful for the reward that I have received from them.

I didn't use the load yet since wala naman akong itetext, until this afternoon, my brother text me that I need to make a reply. I was wondering why I can't send my message and would always give me a message sending failed notice. As far as I know I still have loads since Globe sent me a reward load. So, I'm thinking, baka di pwede sa Smart number reason why I have a failed message. But why would they restrict sending message to Smart numbers eh wala naman silang advice na my free load is for Globe to Globe only. So, I checked my balance again and to my surprise, I've got zero balance na.

Wooooohhhoooo!!! Just overnight binawi nila ang Free Load na bigay nila. My goodness gracious!!! Namigay pa sila ng load... sana nagtext uli sila informing me that they have taken back the Free load that they have sent me at least di na ako napagod pa sa pagtetext. I'm just wondering if the DTI knows what they are doing.

To Globe Telecom!! Congratulations for deceiving your customers!! Cheers to your success!! Nahuli nyo ko sa bitag nyo!! Wooohoooo!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Meteor Garden Pinoy Remake?

I just learned (late sa balita) that there will be a remake for the Taiwan's smash hit series Meteor Garden. It was first aired over ABS-CBN in 2003 and got the highest rating nationwide.

According to Pep, ABS-CBN bags the right of Meteor Garden Remake. I just don't know why they love doing remakes when they can create great stories of their own. Anyway, it was said that Sarah Geronimo will portray the role as Shan Cai. However, there's no Dao Ming Si yet. There are rumors that it might be John Lloyd Cruz who will play for the role but I don't find it suitable for John Lloyd to be the gang leader. Best if it would be Jake Cuenca since Jake's personality is much stronger than John Lloyd. Rayver Cruz is also part of the cast but I don't think it's confirmed.

There's no proper role casting yet since they are still looking for the right person who will play the role of Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men and Mei Zuo Ling.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eraserheads "Final Set" Reunion Concert Ticket

It's Eraserheads Reunion Concert "The Final Set". They will reunite for the second time to fulfill their fans satisfaction? We all know that during their first Reunion Concert last August 30, 2008 the concert ended abruptly due to Ely's health conditions. Some was dismayed for the sudden ending of the concert and some understands.

The concert will be on March 7, 2009 at Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. Producers of the concert are MTV and Smart. About the tickets, it's much more expensive than their previous concert.

Here's the Price lists:

VIP Php5000.00
GOLD PhP 3000.00
SILVER PhP 1300.00
BRONZE Php 300.00

With these prices for The "Final Set" Concert, producers will surely triple their revenues compared to the part 1 concert of the Eraserheads if they'll get the same number of audience last year.

We are one of those who watched the first Eraserheads Reunion Concert, and for the "Final Set" hubby and I are also set to watch the part 2 concert of the Eraserheads. We'll buy our tickets this Saturday. By the way, Eraserheads "Final Set" Reunion Concert tickets are available at Ticketworld.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Television Series

Tayong Dalawa PosterABS-CBN is now set to premiere Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) this coming Monday, January 19 on their Prime time. This will replace Anne Curtis soap "Dyosa" that will end tonight.

Tayong Dalawa
was supposed to be aired last December 19, 2008 but for some reasons the premier date was moved to January 19, 2009. This will be the first soap opera for this year of ABS-CBN.

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) is a different story from the Tayong Dalawa movie of Sharon and Gabby way back 1992. It's a love triangle between two friends who are both Philippine Military Cadets ( Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca) who turned out to be half-brothers to a young and simple girl Audrey (Kim Chiu).
Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Casts are;
Tayong Dalawa Casts Picture
"Para sa pag-ibig, sino ang mamahalin? Para sa pamilya, sino ang pipiliin? Para sa karangalan, sino ang kikilalanin?"

1. Kim Chiu - as Audrey King
2. Gerald Anderson - David Garcia Jr.
3. Jake Cuenca - David Garcia Jr.
4. Cherry Pie Picache - as Marlene, Geralds Mother
5. Agot Isidro - as Ingrid, Jake's Mom
6. Ms. Helen Gamboa - as Elizabeth
7. Ms. Gina Pareño - as Rita
8. Ms. Anita Linda - as Adela
9. Jiro Manio - as Stan
10.Coco Martin - as Ramon
11.Alessandra De Rossi - as Greta
12.Mylene Dizon - as Audrey's mother
13.Spanky Manikan - as Stanley
14.Baron Geisler - as Leo
15.Regine Angeles
16.Miguel Faustmann - as David Garcia Sr.
17.Ping Medina
18.Aaron Villaflor.

For the trailer, Here's Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Full trailer;

Tayong Dalawa ( The Two of Us) Trailer Casts

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first New Year away from home.

I know this is a little bit late but I just want to share this here. Before, I used to celebrate New Year's Day with my parents, brothers and other relatives. However, it's different this year, it was my first time to celebrate New Year's Day far away from them. Well, the old adage is correct "what is constant in this life is change". I know they are sad that I'm not there to celebrate New Year with them, but things aren't the same anymore. We need to accept the fact that I'm now a married woman that is now trying to build a family of my own. Actually, I'm sad too, but that's life, we need to adopt changes.

So what? I spent my new year in Batangas with hubby and with my inlaws. There's a lot of fire crackers down the street when 12 midnight came. It was totally different to the way we celebrate New Year in Davao where in there's no fire crackers (because fire crackers are banned by the Mayor), what we only have is to keep our sound system in a loud volume, do some more noise using kitchen utensils, bottles and others, but still we are having fun.

Traditionally, during New Year, we gather together to offer prayer of thanks to our Almighty God for keeping us strong and alive for the past year. We also asked His continued guidance for the present year. I maybe far from them but I know in our hearts we do have the same prayers that God would guide us and keep us away from any harm so that we can see each other again and also for us to continue to serve our Father Almighty.

Next year, I'll be celebrating New Year with them for we are going home to Davao to be with them come New Year's Day. =)

My first post for the Year 2009

This is my first post for the year 2009. For the past year, I may say that it was a blessed year for me. While I'm doing this post, I'm reminiscing the previous year. How good it was to me. The things that happened to my life, to us and a lot more. Well, I'm out of words again, I even don't know where to start.

Looking back, I can't remember any pain last year. I mean, everything runs smooth unlike the other years that passes by. With this, I'm thankful to God for making me happy, for making my wish come true, for giving me the special person I been longing to be with for the rest of my life. And also, for keeping my parents and siblings away from any harm. I am thankful to have my faith intact and still have the right to serve HIM.

For this year,I'm hoping and praying that God will continue to bless and protect us. Looking forward as well to have a baby this year. Hope He'll continue to guide our way and keep us away from any violence that this world has.

May we all have a bless year!!!