Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Television Series

Tayong Dalawa PosterABS-CBN is now set to premiere Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) this coming Monday, January 19 on their Prime time. This will replace Anne Curtis soap "Dyosa" that will end tonight.

Tayong Dalawa
was supposed to be aired last December 19, 2008 but for some reasons the premier date was moved to January 19, 2009. This will be the first soap opera for this year of ABS-CBN.

Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) is a different story from the Tayong Dalawa movie of Sharon and Gabby way back 1992. It's a love triangle between two friends who are both Philippine Military Cadets ( Gerald Anderson and Jake Cuenca) who turned out to be half-brothers to a young and simple girl Audrey (Kim Chiu).
Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Casts are;
Tayong Dalawa Casts Picture
"Para sa pag-ibig, sino ang mamahalin? Para sa pamilya, sino ang pipiliin? Para sa karangalan, sino ang kikilalanin?"

1. Kim Chiu - as Audrey King
2. Gerald Anderson - David Garcia Jr.
3. Jake Cuenca - David Garcia Jr.
4. Cherry Pie Picache - as Marlene, Geralds Mother
5. Agot Isidro - as Ingrid, Jake's Mom
6. Ms. Helen Gamboa - as Elizabeth
7. Ms. Gina Pareño - as Rita
8. Ms. Anita Linda - as Adela
9. Jiro Manio - as Stan
10.Coco Martin - as Ramon
11.Alessandra De Rossi - as Greta
12.Mylene Dizon - as Audrey's mother
13.Spanky Manikan - as Stanley
14.Baron Geisler - as Leo
15.Regine Angeles
16.Miguel Faustmann - as David Garcia Sr.
17.Ping Medina
18.Aaron Villaflor.

For the trailer, Here's Tayong Dalawa (The Two of Us) Full trailer;

Tayong Dalawa ( The Two of Us) Trailer Casts