Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Globe Reward A Scam?

Last night, I received a text advisory from Globe informing me that I have been rewarded with xx Free load for accumulating at least P20 reloads from December 1 to December 31 of last year. So I checked my balance just to make sure that I have received it, "Uyy!! meron nga". Well, ofcourse I'm thankful for the reward that I have received from them.

I didn't use the load yet since wala naman akong itetext, until this afternoon, my brother text me that I need to make a reply. I was wondering why I can't send my message and would always give me a message sending failed notice. As far as I know I still have loads since Globe sent me a reward load. So, I'm thinking, baka di pwede sa Smart number reason why I have a failed message. But why would they restrict sending message to Smart numbers eh wala naman silang advice na my free load is for Globe to Globe only. So, I checked my balance again and to my surprise, I've got zero balance na.

Wooooohhhoooo!!! Just overnight binawi nila ang Free Load na bigay nila. My goodness gracious!!! Namigay pa sila ng load... sana nagtext uli sila informing me that they have taken back the Free load that they have sent me at least di na ako napagod pa sa pagtetext. I'm just wondering if the DTI knows what they are doing.

To Globe Telecom!! Congratulations for deceiving your customers!! Cheers to your success!! Nahuli nyo ko sa bitag nyo!! Wooohoooo!!!