Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fishville Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Have you been playing the latest game of Zynga which is the Fishville game? If not, you better try this game and for sure you will get hooked with this same with other Zynga games.

I would like to share some Fishville Tips and Tricks so you will get some strategy on how to dominate your game in Fishville.

First, you should have a facebook account so you will be able to play Fishville. The basic goal of this game is to raise fish, feed them, sell them when it matures and to earn coins. Like any other game, each player wants to be the top player among their friends so this Fishville Tips may help you to level up fast.

To get you started, you are entitled to raise 15 fish in one tank. As you level up, you will unlock some fish and tank that would help you get more fish to raise and sell.

The fastest way to accumulate money is to raise the fast growing fish. You can sell them when it reach age 1 but it would be better if you let your fish reach the age of 4 because it would give you a higher value and experience points.

You should feed your fish accordingly so they will not die. A yellow bubble with the food container will show if your fish is hungry and it will turn to red bubble when the hunger of your fish gets more critical. If you do not feed them at this point, you will get a dead fish.

Help your friends to clean their tank to get extra fish points and coins. These are some tips I can share. You can also get some Fishville Tips and Tricks on this site. More Fishville Tips will be posted here soon including some Fishville Cheats.