Monday, October 12, 2009

Cafe World Cheats | Cafe World Strategies and Tips

If you're a Facebook user, you would know Cafe World. It's a game application in Facebook being played by most Facebook users. Cafe World Cheats are some tricks being used by some players to level up fast, to get some extra items fast without spending money and to get some extra money as well.

I'd like to share some Cafe World Cheats that is being used by some players by referring you to those sites. Below are the lists of sites that offers Cafe World Cheats, Strategies and Tips;

1. Cafe World Tips and Cheats
2. Cafe World Cheat on Stoves
3. Cafe World Cheat on Counters
4. Cafe World, Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Would you like to be on top of your friends? Visit this sites and use Cafe World Cheats.


tabish said...

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