Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First time at iBlog4 Summit

Last Saturday, my boyfriend asked me to go with him at the UP Diliman to attend the iBlog4 summit. I’ve been blogging for 4 years now but that was my first time to attend a blogger seminar. I’m just a usual blogger, I don’t understand SEO or whatsoever when it comes to blogging. It was my boyfriend who knows a lot about SEO, keywords, and the like in terms of optimizing your blog. I even asked him to teach me how so I know what to do with my blog…"kaya lang di ako malakas sa kanya.” Hmp!

Anyway, it’s a whole day seminar but I wasn’t able to get all the things that was discussed there…”shhh…natulog kasi ako, wala pa ako tulog from my graveyard work”. I’ve met some of my boyfriend’s co-blogger who regularly visits his blog. Aba!!! Feeling artista!!! Some of them would ask him to have a posed with them, and here’s this one lady who asked for his signature? Hmmnnn…I’m thinking…is he that popular as a blogger? Actually, here’s this one incident that he was invited to be interviewed for a TV segment but then the invitation was too impromptu that my boyfriend needs to decline it since he can’t skip the office that easily.

Well, so much of that, what is funny during the seminar was at the end of the program, sponsors and volunteers were being thanked for making the event successful. To my surprised, my name was being called as one of the volunteers when in fact I’m not.

By the way, I won the iBlog4 T-shirt during the raffle.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Distance Relationship to Marriage

Everybody has their own love story to tell. How they met and became lovers. Some are funny and the others are inspirational.

I didn’t expect that my belief of having a long distance love affair will work. I only once had a boyfriend that is tangible or close to me and that was my first boyfriend. Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t work. My succeeding boyfriends are all intangible. I had a boyfriend that I’ve met through a friend who studied here in Manila. We’ve known each other through the internet; we became chat mates, text mates and eventually became phone pals which started the unexpected relationship that we had for almost a year. But to my dismay, our relationship didn’t work as well. It was during that time that gave me some lessons that having a long distance relationship will never work for some reasons, but there’s a part of my head that tells me, love has its magic, it will work on its own way and that love will touch those people that are really bound to be together regardless if they are near or far from each other.

Year 2003, I’m still on the process of moving on when I had a chat with this guy. Actually, I’ve known him through a certain yahoo group where I belong. With his name every time I’ve read it, there’s something I couldn’t explain. I don’t know, maybe because he’s name is not common that drives my interest to know him.

I happen to know that we’re on the same track of letting go of someone we loved, since then we became friends. He keeps on texting me; we always had a chat over the phone during the night. From their, another long distance relationship was developed. At first, I am hesitant to entertain the same situation, but on the second thought I take the risk to accept it because I was able to feel his sincerity when he asks me if I can be his girlfriend even if I’m far so long it’s serious.

Our first met was one of the most unforgettable event in our relationship. We’re on our 7 months when we had our first meeting. Two days after he arrives from Kuwait he scheduled his flight to Davao to meet me in person. I’m not prepared then, there’s a lot of “what if” on my mind. Though I’m excited to meet him but more of it was the fear of being rejected after the meeting. However, I’m thankful that there’s no rejection between the two of us, from then our long distance relationship continued.

For the first 2 years of our relationship, we only met twice or thrice a year and during our 3rd year there’s no chance of being together even just once. It was on our 3rd year as well that we encountered a lot of problems with our relationship. We are being tested by time, temptations, patience, and trust with each other but still our love survives. This time we’re on our 4th year but we’re no longer far from each other.

I’m asking myself, who would be my boyfriend now if I didn’t give this guy a chance of proving that he’s serious despite the distance? I don’t know, maybe none. I’m just glad that it’s worth all the risk of having another long distance boyfriend. Now, we’re getting married.

Once I’ve said this to my ex-boyfriend when he chooses to be of someone close to him, “No Matter how hard the situation is; no difficult situation can tear apart two people who are bound by true love. No distance is too far, no time is too long for those people who truly love each other. Love will find its way to be together until the end.” And I've proved it.

Finally, I’ve found my one true love and we are now preparing for our wedding which is coming soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding Dress

Been searching the net to get ideas about the style of my wedding gown since it’s so hard for me to choose which would best fits me. I even bought wedding magazines for me to look for wedding dresses but it’s hard to decide. This is one of the difficult tasks of a bride, to choose the best wedding dress; of course every bride wants to be the most beautiful bride to their groom. Knowing for a fact in every wedding, the first thing that they would look to a bride is her wedding dress so every bride should look at her very best.

Well, I have chosen the style of my wedding gown but I’m still worried how I would look wearing the style that I have picked. My problem is my body figure; would it look good to me? I still have few more months to trim down my body fats and it would really needs the courage and determination if I want to be the most beautiful bride my groom would ever had… naks!!!

Do you think this is a cool wedding dress?

Oppss!!! Not my choice...but on the second thought if I do have that kind of body...WHY NOT!!! Just want to help save cloth and one way of cutting down your budget. Less cloth, less price. Hehehe

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding Preparations

I’m back!! Been busy and burnout from my work. I feel like quitting but still choose not to quit for some reasons. First, I was too pressured to cope up with my conversion the last time it went down to the lowest level I didn’t expect. Second, been busy thinking of the things that I need to settle for my up coming wedding.

The reception has been booked; the only things that we need to finalize are the foods, so we need to do some food tasting for us to choose the foods that we want to be serve that day and the time of the event. We don’t have any problem about the bridal car, the van and our wedding cake since it is included in their package also with the venue decorations all they need to know is our wedding motif.

Our marriage license has been processed and for release next week after we attend the seminar. We filed for our marriage license in Batangas after we received our Certificate of no Marriage since it’s one of the requirements needed. As soon we received our marriage license we’ll be scheduling our flight to Davao, so I’ll be on leave for a week by May to complete the things that we need to settle in Davao.

Church Venue– We don’t have any problem with this, we don’t need reservation in terms of choosing a Church. The only thing that we need to prepare is the time and the church decoration during our wedding so still need to finalize our wedding motif. Also, we’ll be submitting the documents to our church so they could schedule our chosen date to their list of activities.

Wedding Dress (Bride and Groom) – By Thursday next week we’ll be meeting our bridal couture to give our down payment. I have chosen my wedding dress and so my partner. At first we have agreed to just rent for practical reason but then her mom wouldn’t want the idea of just renting. It’s fine with her to just rent the bridesmaids dresses but not my wedding gown and my partners’ suit.

Invitations - We agreed to invite up to 100 persons only. But then still don’t know if that is enough. I just want to invite those people who became part of my life like my friends or should I say my chosen friends, relatives, my partners’ relatives and friends as well. For now, still need to complete our entourage line up.

Wedding Ring – Still working on it.

Souvenirs – Partially taken cared off, still need to complete.

Bridesmaids Dresses - To be finalize this coming May when we get there in Davao.

These are just a few things to consider, there’s still a lot that I need to complete. I’m still thinking what other things I need to do so not to miss any details for my wedding.

For sure it would be a very hectic months to come. By the way, despite of this rice shortage problem one thing is for sure…my wedding will not be cancelled only unless I’ll cancel it. Hehehehe!!!