Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wedding Preparations

I’m back!! Been busy and burnout from my work. I feel like quitting but still choose not to quit for some reasons. First, I was too pressured to cope up with my conversion the last time it went down to the lowest level I didn’t expect. Second, been busy thinking of the things that I need to settle for my up coming wedding.

The reception has been booked; the only things that we need to finalize are the foods, so we need to do some food tasting for us to choose the foods that we want to be serve that day and the time of the event. We don’t have any problem about the bridal car, the van and our wedding cake since it is included in their package also with the venue decorations all they need to know is our wedding motif.

Our marriage license has been processed and for release next week after we attend the seminar. We filed for our marriage license in Batangas after we received our Certificate of no Marriage since it’s one of the requirements needed. As soon we received our marriage license we’ll be scheduling our flight to Davao, so I’ll be on leave for a week by May to complete the things that we need to settle in Davao.

Church Venue– We don’t have any problem with this, we don’t need reservation in terms of choosing a Church. The only thing that we need to prepare is the time and the church decoration during our wedding so still need to finalize our wedding motif. Also, we’ll be submitting the documents to our church so they could schedule our chosen date to their list of activities.

Wedding Dress (Bride and Groom) – By Thursday next week we’ll be meeting our bridal couture to give our down payment. I have chosen my wedding dress and so my partner. At first we have agreed to just rent for practical reason but then her mom wouldn’t want the idea of just renting. It’s fine with her to just rent the bridesmaids dresses but not my wedding gown and my partners’ suit.

Invitations - We agreed to invite up to 100 persons only. But then still don’t know if that is enough. I just want to invite those people who became part of my life like my friends or should I say my chosen friends, relatives, my partners’ relatives and friends as well. For now, still need to complete our entourage line up.

Wedding Ring – Still working on it.

Souvenirs – Partially taken cared off, still need to complete.

Bridesmaids Dresses - To be finalize this coming May when we get there in Davao.

These are just a few things to consider, there’s still a lot that I need to complete. I’m still thinking what other things I need to do so not to miss any details for my wedding.

For sure it would be a very hectic months to come. By the way, despite of this rice shortage problem one thing is for sure…my wedding will not be cancelled only unless I’ll cancel it. Hehehehe!!!


kerslyn said...

Hi! Congrats in advance. Hope you both enjoy preparing for your upcoming wedding though minute may sometimes arise but it's quite normal.