Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Long Distance Relationship to Marriage

Everybody has their own love story to tell. How they met and became lovers. Some are funny and the others are inspirational.

I didn’t expect that my belief of having a long distance love affair will work. I only once had a boyfriend that is tangible or close to me and that was my first boyfriend. Unfortunately, our relationship didn’t work. My succeeding boyfriends are all intangible. I had a boyfriend that I’ve met through a friend who studied here in Manila. We’ve known each other through the internet; we became chat mates, text mates and eventually became phone pals which started the unexpected relationship that we had for almost a year. But to my dismay, our relationship didn’t work as well. It was during that time that gave me some lessons that having a long distance relationship will never work for some reasons, but there’s a part of my head that tells me, love has its magic, it will work on its own way and that love will touch those people that are really bound to be together regardless if they are near or far from each other.

Year 2003, I’m still on the process of moving on when I had a chat with this guy. Actually, I’ve known him through a certain yahoo group where I belong. With his name every time I’ve read it, there’s something I couldn’t explain. I don’t know, maybe because he’s name is not common that drives my interest to know him.

I happen to know that we’re on the same track of letting go of someone we loved, since then we became friends. He keeps on texting me; we always had a chat over the phone during the night. From their, another long distance relationship was developed. At first, I am hesitant to entertain the same situation, but on the second thought I take the risk to accept it because I was able to feel his sincerity when he asks me if I can be his girlfriend even if I’m far so long it’s serious.

Our first met was one of the most unforgettable event in our relationship. We’re on our 7 months when we had our first meeting. Two days after he arrives from Kuwait he scheduled his flight to Davao to meet me in person. I’m not prepared then, there’s a lot of “what if” on my mind. Though I’m excited to meet him but more of it was the fear of being rejected after the meeting. However, I’m thankful that there’s no rejection between the two of us, from then our long distance relationship continued.

For the first 2 years of our relationship, we only met twice or thrice a year and during our 3rd year there’s no chance of being together even just once. It was on our 3rd year as well that we encountered a lot of problems with our relationship. We are being tested by time, temptations, patience, and trust with each other but still our love survives. This time we’re on our 4th year but we’re no longer far from each other.

I’m asking myself, who would be my boyfriend now if I didn’t give this guy a chance of proving that he’s serious despite the distance? I don’t know, maybe none. I’m just glad that it’s worth all the risk of having another long distance boyfriend. Now, we’re getting married.

Once I’ve said this to my ex-boyfriend when he chooses to be of someone close to him, “No Matter how hard the situation is; no difficult situation can tear apart two people who are bound by true love. No distance is too far, no time is too long for those people who truly love each other. Love will find its way to be together until the end.” And I've proved it.

Finally, I’ve found my one true love and we are now preparing for our wedding which is coming soon.