Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheapest Mobile PC

Last Wednesday night hubby called my attention and ask me "mahal gusto mo ito" (love, would you like this one?). I don't have an idea about what his asking me if I would like it or not, so when I approached near him I saw what he means. He's asking me if I like to have a mobile PC. Well, who doesn't want to have a PC... hehehe... so later we'll be checking the unit and if he likes it maybe we'll buy it.

It's a Php 9,995 Blue H1 UMPC and here are the specs;

Deep Blue H1 (Mobile PC)

* Processor:VIA Esther 1.0 GHz
* Memory:1GB DDR2
* Video:7.0-inch Wide TFT, WXGA (800x480)
* Harddisk:40GB Mobile
* Audio:Built-in speakers
* Ports:2 x USB 2.0
* LAN:10/100Mbps
* Wi-Fi:802.11b/g Wireless LAN
* Weight:1.20 kg.
* Features:
Card reader
Web Camera
Touch pad with left & right buttons
Up to 4½ hours battery life
* OS - Linux

The OS is Linux but you have the option to have it in WINDOWS but would vary the price which is still much cheaper than the other notebook computer.

Update: I already have the Deep Blue H1 Mobile PC. Hubby bought it for me so now I'm blogging using my new notebook PC. Here's my Deep Blue H1. Meet Bumbleblue!! Now I can blog as always as I want, anytime...anywhere. Thanks Mahal!!

Deep Blue H1 Picture

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bleeding and Miscarriage

Last September 4, 2008 I've posted here the result of my pregnancy test. However, I would like to update those who were not able to read my husband's blog post.

As I mentioned to my post last September 4, about Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. I'm little bit paranoid of what is happening to me since I'm bleeding for almost a month and still the results of my two pregnancy tests were all negative. Based on what we have read in the internet, pregnancy test would be effective only after you missed your menstruation thus, we are thinking it's just normal for me to bleed. And when I missed my period for the month of August, I took the pregnancy test again and was positive. However, when we have our first check up with the OB-Gyne that was referred to us, she told us that I need to undergo dilation and curettage. The bleeding that I experience is not a normal thing anymore. It's incomplete abortion according to the doctor and is usually caused by a blighted ovum. Well, we're both disappointed but we can't do anything about it.

That same day I was admitted in the hospital for D&C. It's my first time to be hospitalized and I'm a little bit nervous of the said operation. I don't have any idea what or how D&C is being done. I just learned how they do it when I searched for it in the internet that is after I went out the hospital. Anyway, I'm okay now and now ready to have a baby.

What I learned from that situation is that whatever you feel that is not normal to you, go ahead and see the doctor. It might be worst than what you expect.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Macuha.Com for Bloggers Choice Award

This is to cast my vote for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards to be held on September 21, 2008. Macuha.Com was nominated for Bloggers Choice Award category. is owned by Marhgil Macuha and for me he deserves to win for some reasons.

This is just to quote other bloggers point of view why they also voted for

“Why do I choose I like it because of its impact on its readers in terms of social, political, and economic aspects. Marhgil freely shares tips on SEO and how to make money online. In addition, he also writes about topics outside the realm of MMO, which gives his blog a nice, balanced feel. Plus, his blog does exert some amount of influence on others.” By

“I choose of Marhgil Macuha. I personally like the way Marhgil blogs, which is very natural and free flowing, and covering a wide range of interesting topics. I also like the way he openly shares information and tips on blogging and SEO, which is great for us who are relatively new and inexperienced as bloggers.” By Pinoy Seminar

“i choose for Blogger choice award because it is one of the most informative blogs on SEO.” By

“I am voting for his blog because he is the one that has been sharing some keywords that has given me a lot of traffics in the past.” By Make Money Blogging

“I choose because this blog is one of my greatest influence on blogging. The blog teaches different ways how to earn Money Online thru blogging, SEO.” By Web Designer Philippines

“Among the list of nominees, my choice is owned by Marhgil Macuha. I really like his blog with many reasons. First, the author willing to share his secret about SEO tips and techniques.” By Touch By An Angel With Love

“Knowing that Macuha is one of most noticed blog here in my country. This blog surpassed every category of online documentation. His passion for this field is worth giving a prize.” By Pinoy Traveler

“I vote for Macuha For Bloggers’ Choice Award. Why? It simply because Macuha always in the first page in the top 10 search every time I look for something. I remember searching for "Eraserheads Reunion Concert" and this site come on the top. I am so impress to the author for the talent in blogging.” By Photoshop World

“So who I am voting for? I will vote for because his blog is one of the greatest source of info in making money online. The author is not selfish about information about how he made big money month after month. He even revealed the keywords he uses in gaining a lot of traffic for his blog.” By Pinoy Sports Blogger

As I personally know this guy, he’s not selfish sharing his ideas in making money online. A lot of bloggers benefited his tips on SEO and knowing some is now earning more than what he is earning as a blogger. I just hope for those bloggers who haven’t voted yet must vote wisely.

Vote for!!! Cast your vote now so you’ll win a Nokia N82.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Winner is...

After the Grand Performance Night, only hours are left before the voting is over. We can still vote for our favorite Pinoy Dream Academy scholar until 2:00PM tomorrow. Anything can happen. So, continue voting for your favorite scholar so that he/she become the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Star Dreamer.

liezel garcia

miguel mendoza

van roxas

bugoy drilon

cris pastor

laarni lozada

Who do you think will win? Share your opinion on the comment below! :) Go Bugoy!

Update: The Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2 Grand Dreamer is Laarni Lozada of Sultan Kudarat. 2nd Placer is Bugoy Drillon, 3rd Placer is Miguel Mendoza who won just because of the votes, quality wise when we speak about the voice quality it should be Liezel Garcia.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

I am being paranoid the past few weeks due to some changes that I am feeling. What is really happening to me? This is my first time to experience almost a month long spotting and bleeding. Not a normal thing for me. Am I sick? I’m not sure, I even thought of having a cancer based on the experienced of my friend’s mom. I keep on searching for answers but there’s no assurance if it’s really the reason of my bleeding and spotting. Until this morning, it answered my questions. I took the pregnancy test and it’s positive. We still don’t know how many weeks I’m pregnant since we haven’t gone to any OB-Gyne yet.

So here’s the evidence of making me paranoid.

Pregnancy Test Photo

During the past weeks these are the symptoms that I have felt.

1. Spotting and bleeding – I bleed sometimes and sometimes not. This alarms me and made me think of bad thoughts that I maybe suffering from a serious illness like cancer. 
2. Swollen Breast - It’s very sensitive to touch. 
3. Backaches – I sometime feel lower backaches.
4. Frequent Urination 

I never felt the morning sickness which is also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. What I’m feeling now is I’m always sleepy and tired.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Free Wallpapers and Screensaver

I would like to share this photos taken using my Sony cybershot 6.0 mega pixels camera and my N95 8GB cellphone. I'm using this pictures as wallpapers and screensaver.

wallpaper images

wallpaper picture

screensaver picture

wallpapers photo

wallpaper image

wallpaper photos

wallpaper pictures


wallpapers photos


screesavers images

free wallpaper

free download screensaver

free wallpapers

free download wallpapers picture

free wallpapers

free screensavers photo

Instead of searching for free downloads wallpapers and screensaver, I'm using my phone and digicam to get some photos that I could make as wallpapers and screensaver.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

EntreCard Site is Down, Problem Logging in, EntreCard Data Center was Hit by Fire

I’m trying to access my EntreCard account but I’m having problem signing in. At first, I was able to login but when I logout and try to login with a different account it will no longer push through. I thought that this is just a temporary problem but until now I can’t still access any of my Entrecard account.

I just discovered that the EntreCard Data Center was hit by fire causing the site to be down. I just read the announcement of Entrecard and here’s their message;

"Unfortunately, there has been an electrical fire at the data center housing Entrecard’s servers. The servers have not been damaged, but the site may be down for as long as 12 hours.
Entrecard is hosted with ThePlanet, and this fire has effected over 9000 websites, as many of the world’s most popualar websites are hosted with ThePlanet. They are working around the clock to get their data center back online, and we are hoping that they get it back online fast.
Thank you for your pateince and understanding with this rare and frustrating problem. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do but wait for The Planet to get their datacenter back online.

Please check back with Entrecard in 12 to 24 hours.

Entrecard Team"

Kahit isang saglit of Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo

Carmen Soo Sexy PictureJericho Rosales Picture

Kahit Isang Saglit is a television series jointly produce by the Philippines biggest television station, ABS-CBN and Malaysia's giant company the Double Vision. First time to happen in the Philippines Television History.

The TV Series will air on primetime bida this coming September 15, 2008. Starring Jericho Rosales and Carmen Soo. Jericho Rosales is one of the promising actor of ABS-CBN. His TV Series with Kristine Hermosa Pangako Sayo was known to be a big hit not only here in the Philippines but also in other countries. Kahit Isang Saglit is Jericho's come back soap opera after a long rest on his TV career. Philippine TV viewers are expecting a lot and are all excited for his upcoming soap opera with Carmen Soo. By the way, Carmen is a Chinese Malaysian fashion model and actress. She's a well known model in Singapore.

Kahit Isang Saglit will be shown as well in Malaysia and Singapore and I'm sure TFC community or the Filipino channel will be happy about this. Here's the full trailer of the teleserye Kahit Isang Saglit

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bea Alonzo on Betty La Fea

Betty La Fea pictureBea Alonzo is one of the promising stars of ABS-CBN. She had work with the said network and played different roles in all soap opera that she had. And now she will be playing the role of Betty La Fea the Pinoy Edition and that soon be aired on primetime bida of ABS-CBN this month of September. This television series is based on the Colombian series Yo Soy Betty, la Fea which means I am Betty, the ugly or Ugly Betty. This telenovela is very popular in Colombia and has been produced over a dozen of versions in various countries and now it’s here in the Philippines.

The cast of I Love Betty La Fea are the following;

Bea Alonzo as Beatriz Pengson / Betty
Jane Oineza as young Betty
John Lloyd Cruz as Armando Solis
Ruffa Gutierrez as Daniella Valencia
Vhong Navarro as Nicolas Mora - Betty's Best friend.
Ai Ai delas Alas as Julia Pengson, mother of Betty
Alessandra De Rossi as Cristina Alegro
Sam Concepcion as Andrew Pengson - younger brother of Betty
Ronaldo Valdez as Hermes Pengson – Betty’s Father
Megan Young as Marcela Valencia
Wendy Valdez as Patricia Fernandez
Joem Bascon as Mario Calderon
Randolf Stamatelaky as Randy
Ronnie Liang as Enrique
Thou Reyes as Hugo Lombardi
Marvin Yap as Bart
Lloyd Zaragoza as Roman
Sheryn Regis as Kylie - one of Betty’s defenders
Meryll Soriano as Rose
Krystel Moreno as Jen
Arlene Tolibas as Cely
CJ Jaravata as Lita
Sammy Villaresis as Caloy
Jojo Alejar as Mac Olarte
Jayson Gainza as Adolfo
Nan Clenuar as Mickey - one of Andrew's sidekick and best friend
Bam Romana as Donald - Mickey's cousin and Andrew's sidekick
John Prats
Vicky Belo
Flora Gasser

This is Bea Alonzo’s first comedy-drama television series. Will she play the role of Betty justifiably? Let’s wait and see. For the meantime here’s the trailer of Bea Alonzo’s I love Betty La Fea.