Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bleeding and Miscarriage

Last September 4, 2008 I've posted here the result of my pregnancy test. However, I would like to update those who were not able to read my husband's blog post.

As I mentioned to my post last September 4, about Early Symptoms of Pregnancy. I'm little bit paranoid of what is happening to me since I'm bleeding for almost a month and still the results of my two pregnancy tests were all negative. Based on what we have read in the internet, pregnancy test would be effective only after you missed your menstruation thus, we are thinking it's just normal for me to bleed. And when I missed my period for the month of August, I took the pregnancy test again and was positive. However, when we have our first check up with the OB-Gyne that was referred to us, she told us that I need to undergo dilation and curettage. The bleeding that I experience is not a normal thing anymore. It's incomplete abortion according to the doctor and is usually caused by a blighted ovum. Well, we're both disappointed but we can't do anything about it.

That same day I was admitted in the hospital for D&C. It's my first time to be hospitalized and I'm a little bit nervous of the said operation. I don't have any idea what or how D&C is being done. I just learned how they do it when I searched for it in the internet that is after I went out the hospital. Anyway, I'm okay now and now ready to have a baby.

What I learned from that situation is that whatever you feel that is not normal to you, go ahead and see the doctor. It might be worst than what you expect.