Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Macuha.Com for Bloggers Choice Award

This is to cast my vote for the 2008 Philippine Blog Awards to be held on September 21, 2008. Macuha.Com was nominated for Bloggers Choice Award category. Macuha.com is owned by Marhgil Macuha and for me he deserves to win for some reasons.

This is just to quote other bloggers point of view why they also voted for Macuha.com.

“Why do I choose Macuha.com? I like it because of its impact on its readers in terms of social, political, and economic aspects. Marhgil freely shares tips on SEO and how to make money online. In addition, he also writes about topics outside the realm of MMO, which gives his blog a nice, balanced feel. Plus, his blog does exert some amount of influence on others.” By Viloria.net

“I choose Macuha.com of Marhgil Macuha. I personally like the way Marhgil blogs, which is very natural and free flowing, and covering a wide range of interesting topics. I also like the way he openly shares information and tips on blogging and SEO, which is great for us who are relatively new and inexperienced as bloggers.” By Pinoy Seminar

“i choose Macuha.com for Blogger choice award because it is one of the most informative blogs on SEO.” By Penoycentral.net

“I am voting for his blog because he is the one that has been sharing some keywords that has given me a lot of traffics in the past.” By Make Money Blogging

“I choose Macuha.com because this blog is one of my greatest influence on blogging. The blog teaches different ways how to earn Money Online thru blogging, SEO.” By Web Designer Philippines

“Among the list of nominees, my choice is macuha.com owned by Marhgil Macuha. I really like his blog with many reasons. First, the author willing to share his secret about SEO tips and techniques.” By Touch By An Angel With Love

“Knowing that Macuha is one of most noticed blog here in my country. This blog surpassed every category of online documentation. His passion for this field is worth giving a prize.” By Pinoy Traveler

“I vote for Macuha For Bloggers’ Choice Award. Why? It simply because Macuha always in the first page in the top 10 search every time I look for something. I remember searching for "Eraserheads Reunion Concert" and this site come on the top. I am so impress to the author for the talent in blogging.” By Photoshop World

“So who I am voting for? I will vote for Macuha.com because his blog is one of the greatest source of info in making money online. The author is not selfish about information about how he made big money month after month. He even revealed the keywords he uses in gaining a lot of traffic for his blog.” By Pinoy Sports Blogger

As I personally know this guy, he’s not selfish sharing his ideas in making money online. A lot of bloggers benefited his tips on SEO and knowing some is now earning more than what he is earning as a blogger. I just hope for those bloggers who haven’t voted yet must vote wisely.

Vote for Macuha.com!!! Cast your vote now so you’ll win a Nokia N82.