Friday, September 26, 2008

Cheapest Mobile PC

Last Wednesday night hubby called my attention and ask me "mahal gusto mo ito" (love, would you like this one?). I don't have an idea about what his asking me if I would like it or not, so when I approached near him I saw what he means. He's asking me if I like to have a mobile PC. Well, who doesn't want to have a PC... hehehe... so later we'll be checking the unit and if he likes it maybe we'll buy it.

It's a Php 9,995 Blue H1 UMPC and here are the specs;

Deep Blue H1 (Mobile PC)

* Processor:VIA Esther 1.0 GHz
* Memory:1GB DDR2
* Video:7.0-inch Wide TFT, WXGA (800x480)
* Harddisk:40GB Mobile
* Audio:Built-in speakers
* Ports:2 x USB 2.0
* LAN:10/100Mbps
* Wi-Fi:802.11b/g Wireless LAN
* Weight:1.20 kg.
* Features:
Card reader
Web Camera
Touch pad with left & right buttons
Up to 4½ hours battery life
* OS - Linux

The OS is Linux but you have the option to have it in WINDOWS but would vary the price which is still much cheaper than the other notebook computer.

Update: I already have the Deep Blue H1 Mobile PC. Hubby bought it for me so now I'm blogging using my new notebook PC. Here's my Deep Blue H1. Meet Bumbleblue!! Now I can blog as always as I want, anytime...anywhere. Thanks Mahal!!

Deep Blue H1 Picture


dhen said...

cool notebook pards!

oo im continuing sa pagsusulat sa blog ko ate.

here's my blog:

pm mo ako sa friendster ng ym mo.


dhen said...

got your message. i also included your blog in my links. add me on your ym list pards. its lindenm

Momstart said...

the screen looks terrible

Momstart said...

my screen is kinda small, Thanks for visiting my site too. :-)