Thursday, September 4, 2008

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

I am being paranoid the past few weeks due to some changes that I am feeling. What is really happening to me? This is my first time to experience almost a month long spotting and bleeding. Not a normal thing for me. Am I sick? I’m not sure, I even thought of having a cancer based on the experienced of my friend’s mom. I keep on searching for answers but there’s no assurance if it’s really the reason of my bleeding and spotting. Until this morning, it answered my questions. I took the pregnancy test and it’s positive. We still don’t know how many weeks I’m pregnant since we haven’t gone to any OB-Gyne yet.

So here’s the evidence of making me paranoid.

Pregnancy Test Photo

During the past weeks these are the symptoms that I have felt.

1. Spotting and bleeding – I bleed sometimes and sometimes not. This alarms me and made me think of bad thoughts that I maybe suffering from a serious illness like cancer. 
2. Swollen Breast - It’s very sensitive to touch. 
3. Backaches – I sometime feel lower backaches.
4. Frequent Urination 

I never felt the morning sickness which is also one of the early symptoms of pregnancy. What I’m feeling now is I’m always sleepy and tired.