Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor On ABS-CBN

Pinoy Fear Factor Image

Fear Factor is a reality stunt game show in the U.S and was originally created by Endemol Netherlands in the Netherlands and first aired on June 11, 2001. Now and Neverland was the original Dutch version however when it was adapted to the American market they changed it to Fear Factor.

Fear factor has 27 international version and that includes the Pinoy Fear Factor to be hosted by Ryan Agoncillo. ABS-CBN, one of the largest network in the Philippines acquired the rights from Endemol to be aired Fear Factor Philippines in the Philippine Television. This coming Monday, November 10, 2008, Pinoy Fear Factor will took the "Iisa pa Lamang" time slot that is right after "I Love Betty La Fea".

Pinoy Fear Factor was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina where the 12 contestants tried to surpass several stunts and challenges. Here's the teaser of Pinoy Fear Factor.

Who among the 12 contestants can conquer their greatest fear? Who among them become the first winner of Pinoy Fear Factor: South America and will take home the P2 million cash prize and a house and lot worth P2.5 million from Avida? Subaybayan!!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friendship Tag

friendship badge picture Well, thank you for this friendship tag from Shaula. This is a "FRIENDSHIP OFFERING" with someone whom you know, would like to know and would like to be friend with.

The mechanics of this is to copy and paste the image in your blog, link back the person who tag you and share or spread this friendship badge to 7 or more bloggers that you knew or think you are friends with.

However, this might change a little bit here since I consider myself a silent blogger which means...I don't know someone here in blogosphere that I could pass this friendship badge. Anyway, I don't want to break the rules so I need to pass this to my future friends Ner, Ester. Chizmosa, Cecile de Jesus, and my officemate who also blog Ruzzel, my friend Sha and the other one is free. So if you're reading this post... I'm tagging you to be the 7th one, just don't forget my link love. Hehehehe