Thursday, June 26, 2008

Solution Error 999 Yahoo Mail

What happened to Yahoo? I’m trying to login to my Yahoo account today since I want to check my mails, but what the heck is going on with Yahoo? At first I thought that I just forgot my password reason why I can’t login, but I’ve tried it many times and I know that I’m typing the correct password I had for that account and still it would give me this error message “Sorry, Unable to process request at this time -- error 999” please try again later.

A lot has been complaining anymore and all got the same questions why they can’t login since yesterday with Yahoo. I’ve already reported the issue with Yahoo Support and hope they would reply to my Gmail account as soon as possible and hope that they could resolved the issue immediately

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buhay Coke ng Bloggers at Taste Asia

Another blogger party? Yes! And I am joining the said event together with my future hubby. Actually, it’s him who influences me to join this kind of blogger activities and this is my second time to be exposed in this kind of gatherings with the other bloggers. The said event will be held at Taste Asia at the Mall of Asia this coming Friday.

Other details:

What: Buhay Coke ng Bloggers with SM Hypermarket (party ito!)
When: June 27, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket) at the Mall of Asia
Why: Para magsaya! Loads of prizes up for grabs!

Wanna join the fun? Register here. By the way, for those who register and come will get a case of Coke Zero 330ml, isn’t it cool?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Free uMobile Invite Code

Last week my boyfriend invites me to the newest first ad-funded mobile service in Asia called ümobile. What makes it different from the other network is that you can call, text, and surf for free because there are certain company who sponsored there usage. Once your invitation was approved you’ll automatically received a FREE SIM and will be eligible to get the P100 free load per month for the first 6 months of being with ümobile, on top of that there are lots of rewards that awaits you(that’s according to them). As of this time, my invitation was approved and still waiting for the SIM that they’ll going to mail to my address.

Now, I have 10 invite codes available and for those who want to join ümobile for free may simply leave their complete name and email address on my comment box so I can send you an invite. First-come first serve basis only.

Updates:6 invites sent, 4 invites remaining.

I already received my umobile sim just this week but I'm not using it yet, maybe this weekend. By the way, just an FYI, if you're workinng here in Manila and you're in the province during weekends and would opt to deliver your umobile sim in your province, better not to do so. What happened was, until now my boyfriend who invites me to join is still waiting for his sim while I have mine already. Upon checking, key cities are being prioritized and I think they don't have manpower yet in the provinces to handle door to door delivery of umobile sims.

Monday, June 9, 2008

People's Park only in Davao

We already completed the things that we need to comply for our wedding, so after four days of being busy I’ve decided to visit the new park that has been opened in Davao. Last December due to a limited time I wasn’t able to get there so I really find time to go there before going back here in manila to see what’s in there.

The place was the old PTA grounds. During Araw ng Dabaw or Kadayawan, exhibits are being held there. Now, it’s known to be the “People’s Park”. Here are some of the pictures that we have taken at the park.

Compared to other parks in Davao, People's Park is much organized and much bigger. They have the sunken garden, the bridges, nipa hut, manmade falls, playground for the kids, ponds, and more.

What I like there is that, security guards are all over and you can't get in that easy. At the entrance hall, inspections are being done. No barbecue sticks or sharp objects allowed inside, so if you're buying foods with a stick, that will be removed. If you are a smoker,, well, smoking is not allowed, cigarettes will be confiscated most especially Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been imposing the "non-smoking" policy for public areas and establishments since then.