Monday, June 9, 2008

People's Park only in Davao

We already completed the things that we need to comply for our wedding, so after four days of being busy I’ve decided to visit the new park that has been opened in Davao. Last December due to a limited time I wasn’t able to get there so I really find time to go there before going back here in manila to see what’s in there.

The place was the old PTA grounds. During Araw ng Dabaw or Kadayawan, exhibits are being held there. Now, it’s known to be the “People’s Park”. Here are some of the pictures that we have taken at the park.

Compared to other parks in Davao, People's Park is much organized and much bigger. They have the sunken garden, the bridges, nipa hut, manmade falls, playground for the kids, ponds, and more.

What I like there is that, security guards are all over and you can't get in that easy. At the entrance hall, inspections are being done. No barbecue sticks or sharp objects allowed inside, so if you're buying foods with a stick, that will be removed. If you are a smoker,, well, smoking is not allowed, cigarettes will be confiscated most especially Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been imposing the "non-smoking" policy for public areas and establishments since then.


hoowanted said...

aw.. maau unta kng open xa 24hrs dba? hehe.. bout sa amaong groups, uu, still communicating gihapon. kaso busy na pd eh. hehe.. kaamo pd noh??