Monday, September 1, 2008

Bea Alonzo on Betty La Fea

Betty La Fea pictureBea Alonzo is one of the promising stars of ABS-CBN. She had work with the said network and played different roles in all soap opera that she had. And now she will be playing the role of Betty La Fea the Pinoy Edition and that soon be aired on primetime bida of ABS-CBN this month of September. This television series is based on the Colombian series Yo Soy Betty, la Fea which means I am Betty, the ugly or Ugly Betty. This telenovela is very popular in Colombia and has been produced over a dozen of versions in various countries and now it’s here in the Philippines.

The cast of I Love Betty La Fea are the following;

Bea Alonzo as Beatriz Pengson / Betty
Jane Oineza as young Betty
John Lloyd Cruz as Armando Solis
Ruffa Gutierrez as Daniella Valencia
Vhong Navarro as Nicolas Mora - Betty's Best friend.
Ai Ai delas Alas as Julia Pengson, mother of Betty
Alessandra De Rossi as Cristina Alegro
Sam Concepcion as Andrew Pengson - younger brother of Betty
Ronaldo Valdez as Hermes Pengson – Betty’s Father
Megan Young as Marcela Valencia
Wendy Valdez as Patricia Fernandez
Joem Bascon as Mario Calderon
Randolf Stamatelaky as Randy
Ronnie Liang as Enrique
Thou Reyes as Hugo Lombardi
Marvin Yap as Bart
Lloyd Zaragoza as Roman
Sheryn Regis as Kylie - one of Betty’s defenders
Meryll Soriano as Rose
Krystel Moreno as Jen
Arlene Tolibas as Cely
CJ Jaravata as Lita
Sammy Villaresis as Caloy
Jojo Alejar as Mac Olarte
Jayson Gainza as Adolfo
Nan Clenuar as Mickey - one of Andrew's sidekick and best friend
Bam Romana as Donald - Mickey's cousin and Andrew's sidekick
John Prats
Vicky Belo
Flora Gasser

This is Bea Alonzo’s first comedy-drama television series. Will she play the role of Betty justifiably? Let’s wait and see. For the meantime here’s the trailer of Bea Alonzo’s I love Betty La Fea.


milai said...

bagay kay bea ang role. hehehe! and the lines are funny (kumusta naman ang black coffee na may creamer / milk ni wendy?) lol.