Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wedding Dress

Been searching the net to get ideas about the style of my wedding gown since it’s so hard for me to choose which would best fits me. I even bought wedding magazines for me to look for wedding dresses but it’s hard to decide. This is one of the difficult tasks of a bride, to choose the best wedding dress; of course every bride wants to be the most beautiful bride to their groom. Knowing for a fact in every wedding, the first thing that they would look to a bride is her wedding dress so every bride should look at her very best.

Well, I have chosen the style of my wedding gown but I’m still worried how I would look wearing the style that I have picked. My problem is my body figure; would it look good to me? I still have few more months to trim down my body fats and it would really needs the courage and determination if I want to be the most beautiful bride my groom would ever had… naks!!!

Do you think this is a cool wedding dress?

Oppss!!! Not my choice...but on the second thought if I do have that kind of body...WHY NOT!!! Just want to help save cloth and one way of cutting down your budget. Less cloth, less price. Hehehe


My Daily Thoughts said...

Not just cool but it's a cold wedding gown.. Day baka mapulmunya ka diyan..lols... Best wishes..

Good to be back here