Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My first New Year away from home.

I know this is a little bit late but I just want to share this here. Before, I used to celebrate New Year's Day with my parents, brothers and other relatives. However, it's different this year, it was my first time to celebrate New Year's Day far away from them. Well, the old adage is correct "what is constant in this life is change". I know they are sad that I'm not there to celebrate New Year with them, but things aren't the same anymore. We need to accept the fact that I'm now a married woman that is now trying to build a family of my own. Actually, I'm sad too, but that's life, we need to adopt changes.

So what? I spent my new year in Batangas with hubby and with my inlaws. There's a lot of fire crackers down the street when 12 midnight came. It was totally different to the way we celebrate New Year in Davao where in there's no fire crackers (because fire crackers are banned by the Mayor), what we only have is to keep our sound system in a loud volume, do some more noise using kitchen utensils, bottles and others, but still we are having fun.

Traditionally, during New Year, we gather together to offer prayer of thanks to our Almighty God for keeping us strong and alive for the past year. We also asked His continued guidance for the present year. I maybe far from them but I know in our hearts we do have the same prayers that God would guide us and keep us away from any harm so that we can see each other again and also for us to continue to serve our Father Almighty.

Next year, I'll be celebrating New Year with them for we are going home to Davao to be with them come New Year's Day. =)