Monday, February 16, 2009

Showbiz News Ngayon Rocks or Sucks?

Boy and Kris pictureI should have posted this last Tuesday but I run out of time so here's my post about Showbiz News Ngayon.

Showbiz News Ngayon just aired last Monday night for their first episode in primetime. I am expecting so much about this show since they are bragging that SNN has a different style from other entertainment shows that would captivate the interest of the viewers. Honestly speaking, it's a big disappointment watching Showbiz News Ngayon, nothing is new with the style and gimmick of the show. I hate to say this but there's no difference watching "The Buzz" every Sunday . SNN or Showbiz News Ngayon doesn't fit the primetime slot.

Actually, "The Buzz" is much better to watch than SNN. Showbiz News Ngayon is boring so don't expect ABS-CBN will get a high rating for the said show. I doubt if this show will last long in primetime.

I'm a certified kapamilya since birth and this is my first time to comment about ABS-CBN's show. Don't they have a good show anymore? I think they need to hire resourceful writers and creative team that could come up a good quality show.