Wednesday, December 5, 2007

blog and earn money online

Who doesn’t want to earn those dollars? I think everybody does want it. Every blogs that I’ve visited, most are into making money. You can find ads here and there and with sponsored post, referral tags and links. However, not all blog owners earned a lot from having a blog and that depends on the popularity of their site and of course it depends on the content of their blog .

My boyfriend is also earning out of blogging. He’s not into PPP or whatever sponsored post or review post. He earns through PPC or Pay Per Click ads from Google Adsense.

He keeps on telling me that earning through blogging is not for everybody. There are two types of blogger, first is you blog because that is your passion, you love blogging even if you are not earning. And when this type of blogger discovered that they could earn that is just an additional spice for them as a blogger that would make them more eager to blog. They learn the techniques,put some ads on their blog and still continue to blog even if they earn a little. While the second type of blogger is just blogging because they found out that they could earn out of blogging. Even if it's not their passion to blog, they blog and when they found out that it's not that easy to earn money they would stop blogging.

However, there are those types of people who wants to earn money online and have tried blogging even if it's not their passion but later discovered that blogging is fun most especially if you'll be able to enhance your writing skills, you have gained friends, and if you start earning. Your desire to write good articles is there so you could drive more readers to your blog and that means more traffic and more clicks.

There are a lot of ways to earn money online but the key to success is your passion of whatever you are doing and this isn't apply for blogging but in all endeavor that you'll going to part take.