Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Golden Compass

Yesterday was my rest day so my friend and I decided to watch a movie. We've watched THE GOLDEN COMPASS starred by Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. It's an action-adventure and science fiction-fantasy movie.

The Golden Compass is an adventure of a 12 year old orphan girl named Lyra (Daniel Blue Richards). The story happens in a world where people's souls are manifested outside of their bodies in creatures they called daemons. At first, I thought that it was just their pets but if their animal spirits gets hurt they get hurt too. These talking daemons acts as guardian angels and a soul brother that accompany them through out their lives.

Lyra is an orphan and is educated at the prestigious Jordan College. Her uncle Lord Asriel portrayed by Daniel Craig (barely seen in the movie) is a scientist/researcher who challenged the oppressive authority of the Magisterium with his pursuit about the dust. The dust is a mysterious golden substance that Lord Asriel would like to prove to the oppressive authority that my lead to open the doors to parallel universe. Evidence of dust was found in the Arctic Circle and Lord Asriel's plan of going there for further exploration excites Lyra's imagination to go with his uncle but Lord Asriel refuses her to go along the journey.

However, Lyra ends up on a different quest when Mrs. Coulter portrayed by Nicole Kidman, a powerful advocate for an evil organization bent on bringing dark times to the universe tried to corrupt Lyra for some undisclosed motives. She's interested for the compass that was secretly entrusted to Lyra. The device allows her to know the truth about things and that sent her to rescue her friend who was taken by the “gobblers” for an experiment that was led by Mrs. Coulter.

What I can say about the story? Well, in terms of visual effects employed to the creatures from a talking daemons and polar bear that interacts with human is exceptional. But with the story itself it wasn't definitely expressed the significance of the dust and some fascinating ideas that would satisfy the older viewers but for kids somehow the flying witches, talking daemons and the armored polar bear would be appealing to them.


Anino said...

Gusto kong panoodin ito kaya lang ayoko kay Nicole.Pumikit na lang kaya ako kapag siya ang nasa screen?

blogkadahan said...

@Anino... hehehehe, sayang ibabayad mo... sya pa naman ang kontrabida sa story, marami syang exposure compared to daniel craig na tatlong beses or apat na beses lang yatang lumabas sa story.

kemi said...

the movie is nice, maganda ang setting. but hindi appealing sa akin because kinuha lang sa harry potter and LOTR ang base ng story. it's like harry potter and LOTR combined. and isa pa, hanging rin ang ending, though may part two pa yan next year, kulang pa rin ang ending, wala akong values na nakuha.