Saturday, May 8, 2010

Funny Mother's Day Text Messages | Mother's Day Quote | Mother's Day Messages

Here are some Mother's Day Quotes collection for tomorrows Mother's Day celebration. You can just send your mom a message through text if you are far from them just to let them know that they are not forgotten. Read Mother's Day Messages below;

1. Good news Mom! Engineers are in demand. Your a domestic one right... Thank you for the great work that you do... Happy Mother's Day!!! =)

2. The Best MOTHER in the world. You have made me everything I am...and let's face it, I am TOTALLY FANTASTIC. Happy Mother's Day!!! =)

3. For a Mom who makes all the wrong...right, all the bad...good, all the ugly...beautiful. I still say none of them were my fault... Happy Mother's Day!!! =)

4. Thanks for putting up with the pouting, the whining, the tantrums and all the other spoiled childish behavior. Happy Mother's day!!!

5. What Can I wish you on Mother's Day? You are already so rich in all the things that really count, a loving heart, a joyous spirit and friends who care. One wish I can make for you is that some small measure of the joy you bring to others will return to you brightening your days and warming your heart through a truly happy year. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

6. I'd be willing to bet that being my mother has taught you several valuable lessons, #1 on the list should probably be: "In your next life keep your knees glued together" Happy Mother's Day!

7. Mom, though the miles separate us, I still wanted to do something special for you on Mother's day!!! So, I cleaned my room!!! =) Happy Mother's Day!!!

8. Mom, thanks for bringing me into a world where love can be expressed electronically. Happy Mother's Day!!! =)

9. It's Mother's Day!! Relax, take a long nap, put your feet up, and don't worry about a thing. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

10. Your tender care... your love and affection makes me a proud kid! Happy Mother's Day!!!

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