Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Motif

End of 2007 when he finally made a statement about his plans of marrying me. We went home to Davao just to spend our new year with my family since I've been away from them for a year. He's been telling me before about the date when he would want to marry me but I'm just ignoring it. I don't want to expect too much in case it won't come to reality so it won't hurt that much.

Well, getting married is every woman's dream. Now, this is it, I'm getting married soon and still don't know what would be our wedding motif. I've been asking from friends what color motif they could suggest for this year. I even searched the Internet for some color combination's. I don't want my wedding to be dull so as our wedding pictures. I've been to several weddings, I've seen a lot of wedding pictures, some are just fine, some are little bit dull maybe because it's not my choice of color. Now, it's my turn to choose what would be the best wedding motif . That is why picking the best wedding color is one of the brides hardest tasks. It is so easy to say “let's get married or I'll marry you” than to choose what color we want for our bridesmaid dresses and wedding invitations. Most often, colors in the pictures has a lot to say than its actual color.

Anyway, some of my choices are the following. The pictures below is just a guide for me how it looks like and would give me ideas on what other colors would I match so it would give its natural color a different touch.


copper wedding motif Image by: Alfred Angelo

Lime Green

lime green wedding motif

Coral Pink

coral pink wedding motif

Image by: Raylia Designs

Gold and Tangerine

tangerine wedding motif

What do you think? Which motif would look good? Do I need to add some accent? For the copper I want to combine it with a lighter tone of color. Still thinking... Help!!!

Update: You can visit my other blog here for you to know what wedding motif did I choose. Wedding Pictures can be viewed here as well.

Wedding Motif Selection here.


keSSen said...

the copper looks interesting :)

shaula0pink said...

I like the copper. And you're right you need to combine it with a lighter one so it won't look too plain.