Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Contented and Happily Married.

Hi!! I'm back!! Been busy this past few days reason why I haven't updated this blog. Well, I'm a certified plain housewife now. I just resigned from my work since we do have a conflict schedules. My work is during night time while he works in the morning. So, when I get home he's on his way to work and when he gets home, I'm on my way to work it's like we are playing hide and seek, thus I decided to resign for us to have quality time and also for me to do my job as a wife.

During the past few days, we're busy fixing our little home. For the meantime we're staying in a small room here in Makati. We do have plans of moving to a much bigger place but it's not practical this time. We do have lots of things to accomplish first. As a newly wed couple we bought some things that we need in our little home to make it look a house like a new television, our bed, and a refrigerator for us to stock foods.

Of course, being a wife includes cooking so for us not to depend on ready to cook foods and with restaurants I need to cook for my husband. I’m thankful I know how to cook so it wouldn’t be a hassle for me.

I’m going to stay home, fix his things, do some house chores, ironing, washing some of our clothes, and do the dishes and the like. It’s no big deal...its part of being a married woman.

Wish to have a baby sooooonnn!!!