Wednesday, September 15, 2010

City Of Wonder New Facebook Game

City of Wonder is the latest Facebook game developed by Playdom. The game was launched last August 18, 2010 and have earned millions of players in just a month.

The game is similar to the popular PC game Sim City but has a different taste of interesting ideas. The basic goal of the game is to build your city, make your people happy and wealthy, build strong militia to defend your city and level up through different ages of time.

As you progress, your empire will advance from stone age to the classical age, industrial age, modern age and beyond. For you to reach this ages, you need to do some research studies provided by the game to unlock new buildings to construct.

Graphics wise, City of Wonder got it perfectly right. Other interesting things about the game that is not commonly encountered in a city-themed game like this is that, you have a lot of things to do aside from building and decorating your city. You can also do research tasks, trading from other civilization, socializing and you can attack other empire. This additional features make City of Wonder stand out from other city-themed game.

City of Wonder is another addicting game in Facebook that has the potential to top down other city-themed game in Facebook.