Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Grand Eye Ball at Dampa

Last Aug. 3, 2007 I had my first EB with my co-priders. The venue was held at Dampa in Roxas Blvd. Since, I'm not originally from here and doesn't know the place yet, I phoned up one of my friends so I could join them since I am too eager to meet them all as well. Basically, if I don't know the place and for me to be sure that I'll get there, my first choice would be to take a taxi. Well, that's how I used to do every time I need to go somewhere else. Good thing I convinced my self not to do it thinking that I would spent a lot on my fare if I would ride a taxi, for all I know Mandaluyong is quite far from Roxas Blvd. and it is quite expensive. I'm not comfortable riding a bus, I do have my reasons why but since I don't have a choice, then I did take the risk.

My friend and I decided to meet in Baclaran and from there we headed to Dampa together with our co-priders. I meet Cheray, Juliet and Dhen. On my surprised, I didn't know that it would be a very special gathering. I only found out that Mommy MJ and Daddy Edz (as the group called them ) are there as well knowing that they resides in the U.S. I've meet Joy ( I thought it's a SHE but to my surprised it's a HE), Ka Efren, Czar, Raquel, Milly, Cherry (Czar's gf), Cois, Pam, Rouselle, Jim, and a lot more (honestly I forgot the names of the others).

The foods taste good, we sung, played games, played tongue twister like “Pinaputi ni Tipeterio ang pitong puting putong patong patong”. You need to recite it as fast as you can several times in a given time without errors so you can beat the other team. Good thing I won!!! hehehehe. I'll post some pictures if Mommy MJ uploaded it and the others as well who took pictures during that time. I don't have a camera so I'll just wait and grab some shots from them.