Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Art Crafts out of colored papers

I love making art crafts like this. I even loved to draw and make my own cards for birthdays, weddings and even just a thank you card for a special someone or for my friends. It's not that I'm "kuripot", I'm buying the materials as well. It’s just that, I’m not satisfied if I’ll just buy it somewhere else like for example a birthday card. The satisfaction is different most especially if the person will really appreciate your effort of making something for her or for him. Just by giving them a simple thing yet with all your effort would mean a lot to them. It would make them feel more special.

It’s not necessary for you to buy expensive gifts but for those who can afford it then you can buy the most expensive gifts that you could give to your friends, love ones and special someone. Still, “it is the thought that counts” as the old adage goes.

My coach, was very happy to have that swan on the picture, I made it for her. It's very simple yet it was appreciated. While the those little stars, I made it while waiting for calls just to kill the time. My officemates saw it and they like it so they requested me to make more stars for them.

Until now, I'm not yet done doing lots of stars. Kristoff is asking me to make something like this for him. They loved it and I loved the feeling as well that my work is being appreciated.


Raquel said...

Wow, ang ganada, puede pahingi ng instruction nito, gagawa din ako. I'm serious...pls send your reply in my blog nalang ha.

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