Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Greatest dream

I'm kinda busy this couple of days, actually before the year 2007 ends I don't have time anymore to update my blog and to do some rounds to other blogs.

Well, busy preparing going back to Davao last week of December of 2007. Just went there to celebrate the new year with my family. Their new year is not complete without me. Mamang didn't allow me not to go home so for almost a year that I'm here in Manila I went home for the first time.

It's funny actually, I went home to do some laundry... hehehehe. I brought all my dirty clothes so I could wash it there. I stayed there for 4 days with my "mahal". Our new year celebration was fantastic, we enjoyed a lot. We laugh, dance, sing, and above all we never forget to give thanks to the creator for making our whole year of 2007 safe, for keeping us alive, for keeping us away from any illness and violence, for giving us the strength and courage and for keeping my family intact. We went back here in Manila last January 1st of this year.

This is just my second post for this year and I feel like I need to post some things that is happening now. Some things that is happening GOOD to me now. I may say that it's a gift that I've longed to have, though it's not over yet but I know that day will come. We still need to prepare for it and make the most out of it. Actually, until now I still can't believe, am I just dreaming? I even asked myself... Is this all true?

Maybe you're wondering what I'm talking about. I'm happy to say that... I'm getting married... soon. One of the greatest dream of being a woman. We are preparing things for the wedding already, it's a little bit hard since we're here. I need to do some phone calls every now and then for the things that we need to settle there. I really don't know where to start and what to do. I need to asked some friends first what are the things we need to prepare. Good thing they are all happy in helping us out.


Anino said...

I attended a wedding last Saturday.
I want to be the first from your blogroll to say "Congratz"

Anino said...

I'll upload Chapter 16 later.

kingdaddyrich said...

yeah, yu wer too busy yu havent visited my blog for quite sometime!