Monday, December 1, 2008

My First Google Adsense Pay

Hola!! I just received last Saturday my first Google Adsense pay for my entire 1 year. Yes! It took me 1 year before I reached the minimum payout of $100. It is simply because I don’t know what to do and how to optimize my blog to generate more traffic. I received my Adsense pay through Western Union amounting to $198.86.

I’m so happy because it won’t be possible for me to have those extra bucks if it’s not because of my husband. He’s more enthusiastic and expert in terms of blogging and SEO. He’s the one helping me to learn and understand the things that I need to learn with blogging and SEO. Still on the process of learning and hope I could grasp it all and apply it on my other blogs which is also earning but not that big.

If it took me 1 year before I received my first payment from Google well, not this time. For the month of November I’ll be receiving another $100+ earnings that will be issued before New Year. This is just my beginning of earning the dollars, there’s more to come and hopefully much bigger than what I have received.


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