Monday, December 1, 2008

My Google Adsense Thanksgiving Earnings

I thought I’m not going to reach the minimum pay for last month since I only have more or less $70 on my Adsense report and I’m little bit worried because I only have few more days before the month end of November to catch up so that I can be paid by Google Adsense. But wait, my worries are gone when Thanksgiving Day came, I earned $60 in just one day. Here’s the proof.

Blogger Thanksgiving Earning Image
My Thanksgiving Day Earnings

Whoa!!! Actually, the day before the Thanksgiving Day, November 26, I already earned $16 so that gives me a total of $76 for just 2 days. That was my biggest earning in a day and also reason for me to celebrate Thanksgiving Day!!! Let's just wait and see this coming Christmas and New Year how much will I earn.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

wow that was BIG!!! congrats! anong keyword nung thanksgiving day? nyok :D wala me alam waaaaaaaaaa!

eligio said...

ako rin gusto malaman para next year :D.

May said...

Hehehe... ang para namang di nyo alam, wala pa nga yatang 1 percent iyong kinita ko sa kinita nyo eh. hehehehe