Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Agua Bendita - June 22, 2010 Episode

Agua Bendita June 22, 2010 Episode.  

Bendita and Paco was about to escape but they were caught off guarded. Bendita falls on the hands of Paco's parent. Criselda and her husband don't have any idea that Bendita is not Agua. Padre Gido visit Bendita in her dreams, he informed Bendita that she may have the image of Agua but not the capability to heal people. Bendita informed Paco about it but was overheard by his father. Bendita was able to think of some excuses that the reason she can't heal is that because she is emotionally disturbed by the way she was treated by Paco's parent. Catch up with Agua and Bendita. Watch Agua Bendita June 22, 2010 Episode to be updated.