Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rubi June 18, 2010 Full Episode

Rubi is a Philippine remake of Mexican Telenovela that aired in 2004. A story about a beautiful woman who is driven by her dark ambition to escape from poverty and be wealthy. She gets what she wants and no one can stop her from doing it. She became friends with Maribel, a wealthy young woman with a small defect in her leg because of a car accident when she was still a child. Rubi meets Maribel's boyfriend Hector and his best friend Alejandro.

Alejandro offers her true love with Rubi but due to his life standing, Rubi rejected him despite the fact that she is in love with him. She wants Hector because like Maribel, Hector is the only son and is very wealthy. Rubi seduces Hector and on the day of his wedding to Maribel, he never arrives. Rubi has the lifestyle and money that she always wanted but a part of her is not completely happy. She still longs for Alejandro and would do all she can to win him back at any cost.

Watch Rubi July 18, 2010 episode here.

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