Monday, November 12, 2007

My Dream Car

Do you have your own dream car? I bet, everybody does want to have a car. Once in a while it's good to day dream that one day you'll have your own car. Anyway, there's nothing wrong about it, right? Who knows, that dream will come true in due time.

The red one at the left is a 2009 Toyota Matrix Model. It is Bluetooth capable, 18" alloy wheels, DVD navigation system with XM NavTraffic, auxiliary audio jack and an available 2.4-liter engine with 158 hp at 6,000 rpm. These are just some of the features and specs of the new Toyota Matrix model. Actually, the concept was based on blending the functionality of an SUV.

I don't have any idea's about cars but just like cell phones, they have their own features and specifications. You may compare their features and specifications according to your needs and wants, of course with the help of a car specialist.

I just hope that one day I'll have my own car as beautiful as this photos. Will it come true? That's the question that I can't answer as of this time. If God will permit it, it will just happen in due time.

For the meantime, I still need to work hard and plan for it. Of course plan on learning how to drive. It's not fulfilling if you don't know how to drive and would just depend on getting a driver. Well, I don't know, let's just find out if I'll have my own car already if I'll be satisfied if I'm not the one who's going to drive it.