Monday, November 12, 2007

Sexiest Grandma

Did you ever asked yourself what would you be when you grow old? Most of us tend to be very busy of what life has to offer. How to conquer all of our fears. How to solve our problems. How to attain our goals. What to spend for the week. How to pay our debts and a lot more. We often forget that there's a lot of things that we shouldn't missed like how to laugh at our problems. How to enjoy life despite of difficulties and what would life be when we are old. Just a thought when I saw this picture. I'm thinking... will one of the Hotbabes be like this when they grow old? Hmmnnn... what about Jennifer Lopez?


kingdaddyrich said...

i just had that on my blog..

ha aha

ann said...

ok pa rin naman ang poise nya...hehehe.