Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stupid Filipina

Working in a call center is not that easy as everybody think. You would encounter different traits of people and the sad thing is that if you would encounter a stupid Filipina who happen to be one of my caller the other day.

Basically the calls that I'm receiving is a transferred call. We're dealing with inbound calls. Before a call being transferred to us, the first agent would asked for approval to her/his customer if she/he would be willing to listen to an offer where they could get savings on their current purchase or reservation. If they agreed then that's the time they're going to be transferred to us.

What makes that Filipina stupid? Well, she's too proud of herself, it seems that she's never been here in the Philippines and was not born Filipino. Shame on her!!! I am just pissed on how she reacted when she knows that I am a Filipina. I'm telling her about the offer when she asked me if I am a Filipina, I told her “yes”, when she learned about it, I can sense her disappointment. She asked me if I'm in Texas, I told her “no” and that her call was being routed here in the Philippines. Still, disappointment on her voice was very obvious. She asked me that how come her call was routed in the Philippines when she's calling in Texas. I told her that we do have several sites where her call is being transfered and one of those sites is located here in the Philippines. After knowing that, she just hung up the phone. That bitch!!

For several months that I've been receiving calls, I was able to talk to several Filipino's abroad but unlike this uneducated Filipina, they are warm and friendly. I can feel their longing to come back here in the Philippines and their excitement that they we're able to talk to a Filipina agent. Still, their values being a Filipino was never lost but this stupid uneducated Filipina she doesn't have the values. I may suggest that better for her to go back to Intermediate Level for her GMRC. “Kala mo kung sino, pinoy na pinoy pa din naman ang accent, ang yabang at kapal ng mukha!.” If ever na nagbabasa ka ng blog ko na ito, hope you will realize it was you!!!

Nakakatawa pa nito, for those foreigners na nakakausap ko and would know na I am a Filipina, mas matino pang kausap kesa sa matapobreng pinay na ito. For those Filipino abroad who still have the Filipino Values, Saludo ako sa inyo!!!


daniel-Jr said...

I totally agree.. bat ganun yung iba.. tsk tsk

kingdaddyrich said...

yu know donia victorina?
a character immortalized by dr rizal in his novel noli and el fili..

yu might want to check her out

teka, how dis yu know tha she is a filipina? and diba bawal na sabihin na filipina ka and yer from the philippines?


di ka na nadalaw sa blog ko ah./.

Nelson said...

Huh? As far as I know, just like what kingdaddyrich said, call center agents here in the Philippines aren't supposed to tell their callers that they are Filipinos as well as the fact that they are situated in a country called Philippines.

blogkadahan said...

to daniel-jr well, they are the kind of people that was overwhelmed by their own possession and that was being too proud of themselves. Nakalimutan na nilang iyong utot nila ay mabaho din kagaya ng sa atin.

to kingdaddyrich When she asked me if I am a filipina,I returned the question to her and she said yes. Nope, it's not bawal to inform them that their call is routed in the Philippines, other call centers maybe like outbound call centers, but with us, if customers would like to know where they're calling we need not to lie but to inform them. It's a big no no for us to misinform the customer. Nga pala, dumalaw ako sa blog mo pero I can't leave any message, nawala shoutbox mo.

hi nelson! With us we need not to pretend that we're located abroad. We could say that our main office is located in this particular place and that we do have lots of sites and one of which is located here in the Philippines. Most foreigners are now aware that most of the call centers are located here in our country or in india so no reasons for us to deceive them.

kappernet said...

bad trip naman yung mga ganyang noypi... siguro naman konti lang sila....