Monday, May 5, 2008

Cooking Mama

It's Mah Birthday!!!! First, I need to thank our Almighty God for giving me another year to live in this world. Gaining age means a blessing!! Yup!!! It's my birthday today!! I'm very thankful for all the things that had happened for the past years. Now, that God gave me another year, I just hope that He'll continue to guide me to whatever endeavor I'm going to part take. I'm praying for another year of good health, more blessings to come, have a happy family with my future husband, and more birthdays to come.

Second, I'd like to thank my ever dearest boyfriend for everything. He spent some money for a small celebration with his family. That was my first time to cooked something for them and I'm glad that they loved it most especially the fruit salad that I've made. Actually, the fruit salad was his special request since he do love fruits and it's not the usual salad that is made out of fruit cocktail.
Thank you so much for your effort of making me happy.

By the way, with the title it's nothing to do with it, I just remember one of the games in my DS which is the Cooking Mama.


kingdaddyrich ♥ said...

oy ate, happy birthday! akala ko ba kasalan na ito! hehehe! birthday pala,.