Friday, May 2, 2008

Mother's Day Messages

Every year Mother's day is being celebrated. It's a special occasion when we express our love and respect that we have for our mother. We usually call them Mommy, Mama, Mamang, Inay, Inang, Momsie and Nanay for others.

The word MOTHER signifies a lot of things, it stands for pain everytime they saw their children suffers. They sacrifice a lot of things to keep their children happy. They would do all the things that they can do for us to be secure.

Actually, I seldom tells my mom how I love her and MAYBE most people do the same with their mothers. When I was still in Davao, I never utter the word " I love you, Mom" not because I don't love her, it's just that I'm not used to it. She never tells me the same way too but I know and feel that she do love me. It was when I left for Cebu for work when I hear the word " I love you Anak" from her. That was my first time to be far from them, also the first time to hear that precious phrase from her and my first time to utter it as well.
However, in my own simple ways I was able to let her feel that she's important to me even if I seldom say the word "I love you". Just a simple treat will do, a joke to let her laugh, go sing a long with her, listen to her stories and appreciate the foods that she prepared are some of the things that would somehow complete her day.

Everyday should always be a Mother's day. We should be thankful for all that they have done for us over the years. We can't deny the fact that our Mother is the most important woman in our lives and can't be replaced by anyone.

To my Mamang, I know that I seldom say the word "I love you" but hope you know that I really do. Thanks for everything, for the love, patience and care. Over the years you're still there to comfort us and care for us. Even if we are this old, we're always a darling child to you. I know, I'll be soon a Mother like you...and being a Mother, I'll do the same thing to my children too.
Advance Happy Mother's Day!!!