Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Pizza Hut Experience

Hate Late? Call 911-11-11 this is the tag line of Pizza Hut. If they deliver your pizza beyond the given time then your pizza will be free. But what if your order is not completely delivered? Like they missed to include the milk dip of your baked cinnamon sticks? What will you do? Would you just tell yourself “that’s fine, you could still eat your baked cinnamon anyway” or dial their number and complain it with them?

Such scenario happened to me last week. For the past week, I’ve been dependent of pizza hut that every time I’m hungry I would order online and have it delivered in our place (I’m just too lazy to go out and buy some foods). So far the service is good. However, last Monday when they delivered my order, they missed to include the milk dip of the baked cinnamon that I’ve ordered. I thought the milk dip was just inside the box but when I opened it there’s none.

I was pissed a little bit and confused if I’ll just let it go since it is just a milk dip or should I call them and complain about it. We don’t have telephone line here so I can’t dial their number. Okay, so what I did was I sent them another order online so they would call me to confirm about it and then I sent them an email about what happened. I’m not wrong, they called me again and there I’ve told them that I did it intentionally but not to add another order but for them to call me so I can complain with them that I was not satisfied with their service that day since my order was not properly delivered. They promised to rush the milk dip and ask for an apology of what happened and that everything would be taken cared of.

You would think that it is just a milk dip for me to get upset. It might be a small thing to get worried but my point is, I paid for it and they should provide satisfaction with their customer and since I’m not satisfied of course it is my right to let them know.

I received the milk dip as promised and I thought everything is okay. To my surprise I received a phone call from an anonymous person. When I answered it the person talking is the delivery boy of pizza hut asking sorry of what happened and that he’ll just send me a free pizza. Wait!!! What’s that? Did I hear it right? Yes, a free pizza from him or should I say from Pizza Hut for them to cover up? I’m not sure if the initiative of giving me a free pizza is from the management of Pizza Hut or just the will of the Pizza Hut delivery boy for him to cover up.

Anyway, to cut it short, I received my free pizza and take note… with one stem of red rose flower included. Hahahaha…. It’s like a boy courting a girl when I received it. Here’s the picture.


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