Friday, July 4, 2008

Umobile Review

Someone asked me if how long would an application from umobile to get approved. Well, I don’t know if there’s a standard possessing time that they follow before they approved an application. When I joined umobile, four days after I submitted my application I received a welcome note that I am officially part of their community. On that welcome note, they also informed me the things I need to prepare for me to receive my new u ümobile sim. I need a photocopy of a valid ID or an authorization letter and a photocopy of my valid ID if somebody would receive it other than me. Few days after receiving the email, I received a text from them confirming the time I am available to receive my new umobile sim.

So far, I waited not that long to received my umobile sim. The only qualifications that I know in order for an application to be approved are those residing in the Philippines and that it should be within the ages of 15-35 years old. Once you meet these requirements, you’re on your way for your application to be approved.

Umobile is an ad-funded mobile network. A certain company has sponsored for your usage for you to be able to call, text and surf. All approved applicants starting June 1, 2008 until August 31, 2008 will receive 100 pre-paid loads every month for the first six months.

As of this time, you can text from umobile to other network like smart. However, text messaging to a globe network is not yet supported by umobile but then calls from umobile to globe can be done. I haven’t tried yet calling and texting from umobile sim to a sun cellular sim so I don’t know if it’s supported already or not.