Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blogger layouts and templates

I was asked by a friend to help her out how to modify or change her blogger layouts and templates. Well, I just told her that I'm not good of doing it nor an expert for her to consult with and that, what can I do for her is to help her surf for sites that offers free templates and layouts since that's what I'm doing if I feel I need to change the looks of my blog. Well, that's the least that I can do with my blog since I don't have the money to hire someone to set up my blog and have my own personalized layout.

Below are some of the sites I usually visit hope these will help you as well;

1. - Pyzam has lots of things to offer from blogger templates and layouts, friendster layouts, my space as well, Hi5 and a lot more.

2. - Geckoandfly are exclusively all blogger templates

3. - Like geckoandfly, finalsense offers different variety of free blogger templates

4. - You may also like the templates here. Instructions was provided as well by the author how to use his designs.

There are lots of sites that offers free templates...just google it and you'll find it.