Friday, September 21, 2007

Recipe Hotline

I got so busy this past few days reason I haven't updated my blog. Our client was here in Manila for a visit since it's our accounts 1 year anniversary here in the Philippines. Well, nothing fancy happens, we just have a simple buffet party on the floor. While others are taking calls, the big bosses are eating and some of the agent's who was on break. Merits was given to those who stayed in the accounts, for those who got high conversions and who passed our Hyper Quality, for being the best coach, and top agent.

Speaking of conversion and hyper quality, I am struggling now to hit both metrics. There are moments that I want to give up, maybe because I'm not used to have low conversions and a failing hyper quality. Working in a sales account would really give a lot of pressures but what can I do is to strive hard and do the best. Though I'm not the bottom performer but I just can't accept the fact that I'm no longer on the list of the top agents same as before.

I'll post more some other time. By the way, what's on my title? Nothing. Actually, that's one of my blog that I haven't updated yet. I'm posting different recipes there and I'm planning to change the layout of it as well. You can visit my recipe blog here.


ann said...

Nasa sales ka pala, eh di lumalabas ka rin lagi?

kingdaddyrich said...

salamat sa paglink.. ;) iniisip ko lang kung magpaturo ako magluto sayo.. he he.. ;)

farawayme78 said...

Hello Ann!! Yup nasa sales ako but I'm not doing it on field. I'm working in a call center and nasa sales account ako napapabilang.

KingDaddy!!! I know how to cook but I'm not that good in cooking. =) Iyon bang tipong iyong mga niluluto ko ay di naman nasasayang dahil may lasa at nakakain...hindi iyong nakakalason kung nakakain dahil di mo alam iyong lasa.... joke!!!

Fly said...

I used to work for a call center too kaya lng hindi ko kinaya yung stress lalo na nsa helpdesk ako n assign.

Ingats :D



farawayme78 said...

Hello fly!! Yup, sobrang stress talaga kapag nasa sales ka...dami mong metrics na dapat maqualify...hayy ewan, di mo na minsan alam kung san ang uunahin mo. We're dealing travel service.