Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My New Home

I'm not a newbie anymore when it comes to blogging, I started blogging since 2004 from another blog site then transferred to blogger. I decided not to post anymore on my old blog. I didn't delete it but opted not to publicized it and changed the site address so it won't be viewed by my former readers. I've created a new one for some reasons. I want to close the chapters where I have posted the "not so good things" that happened to my life. True enough, experience would really thought us what to do and not to do. What to share and not to share, whom not to share the things you've gone through and whom you want to share it with.

Now, I'm home!!! This is my new place I called "my own". What I've done with my former blog won't happen again.
Anyways, I consider this blog as my "Living Room" and mind you.... I have my "Kitchen" as well you can visit it here.!!!