Saturday, September 1, 2007

Unusual Tomb

I'm here at the office, taking bad calls from dumb customers. I'm pissed off getting bad transfers and answering those rude customers. I am pissed because, how can I make sales out of those bad transfers and drop calls? Well, that's my job, we don't have any control of the calls that we're all getting. At the end of the day, it's not the type of calls that we have that would matter but our conversion. I'm about to take my 1 hour break but still, my conversion is very low.

While surfing the net looking for funny pictures that would help me forget that today is a bad day for my stats, whoa! What I've found is an Unusual Tomb. Unusual because I haven't seen such tomb before and actually nobody would do that most especially here in the Philippines. Why? Well, for sure a lot of grave robbers would be interested and steal whatever they buried on her tomb like, sandals, wines, perfumes, and with a flat screen T.V? Isn't it unusual for them to bury the dead with her personal belongings and set up the tomb like her bedroom? Is it their family tradition? Or they're just that rich? hehehehe...